Best Bella Canvas Shirts For Sublimation /Excellent Fit For You of 2023

Best Bella Canvas Shirt For Sublimation vs. Polyester and Cotton

Best Bella canvas shirts for sublimation are those which can absorb your ink dye and locks it in place for a long period. If you are looking for inexpensive shirts to start your sublimation business, you are at the right place. 

Bella-Canvas has always focused on quality because its purpose has always been to supply retail t-shirts to the wholesale market. Each knit is made from scratch, down to the thread, to give you the best-fitting, best-feeling, and best-printed shirt you’ve ever had.

You can easily obtain some of the best shirts on the market that are suitable for sublimation and do last long. The shirt’s blend and composition are all that matter. After reading this article, you will be able to identify the best bella+canvas shirts for your sublimation designs.

What Bella canvas shirts are ideal for sublimation in 2022?

bella canvas shirt ideal for sublimation

BELLA+CANVAS means “beautiful canvas,” and aims to always offer the best canvas on which you can print your design. You can choose any of the sublimation printing methods you like because they produce a wide range of styles and fabrics.

At least 65% of the material in the Bella canvas shirts for sublimation is polyester. Polymers are essential and plentiful in polyester, which is required to permanently embed the sublimation ink on the garment. A 100% polyester shirt would be the best choice for sublimation.

You will learn more about the best Bella+Canvas shirts suitable for sublimation printing as you read further in this article. 

Features that make shirts the best Bella canvas shirts for sublimation

bella canvas 3001 c

The different elements of a tee play a unique role in making it the best shirt to have a sublimation design on. If these qualities are not present, the shirts cannot qualify as sublimation-capable. The following characteristics make a shirt ideal for sublimation:


When choosing a garment for sublimation printing, durability is of utmost importance. No sublimation printing design may endure very long if the shirt doesn’t have enough durability. The pattern will eventually start to deteriorate and develop cracks. That’s why you should always pick a shirt with exceptional durability and a lot of polymers.

The shirt’s wearability

Sublimation printing works best on sublimation shirts that are comfortable to wear. It is a waste of time and money to print a design on a shirt that you don’t intend to wear. Shirts made primarily of polyester are a bit uncomfortable to wear and stick to moist skin. Therefore, the selection of poly blend garments is more wearable than others.

Eco-friendly Shirts

The best sublimation shirts for sublimation printing can exhibit tremendous potential when they can adapt to the surroundings and are not constrained by a specific atmosphere. If there are such shirts accessible, you won’t need to continually spend money on new sublimation shirts for every environmental change. 

Top-quality shirts for sublimation printing: 100% polyester Vs Bella canvas shirts

polyester fabric

Once you have everything you need, including a sublimation printer, ink, special sublimation transfer paper, etc., you are ready to start sublimation printing. At that point, you should focus on the best sublimation t-shirts. Three types of t-shirts are the best ones on the market for sublimation. These groups are;

  1. Bella canvas shirts: Poly blends
  2. 100% Polyester shirts
  3. Cotton Sublimation Shirts

Bella Canvas shirts

These best sublimation t-shirts share several characteristics with polyester shirts. They only differ in that their poly blends include polyester, rayon, cotton, etc. Due to the long-lasting nature of the prints, these shirts are regarded as among the best sublimation shirts. 


  1. Bella Canvas Flowy

bella canvas flowy

The 3880 Unisex Viscose Fashion Tee of Bella+Canvas is ideal for sublimation and was just added to their Fast Fashion range. 

A full-body design best long-sleeve shirt for sublimation looks excellent on the polyester and viscose Fast Fashion T-shirt. 

They chose a stylish gradient pattern, which gave the incredibly soft and lightweight cloth a  dynamic appearance with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% viscose, Bella Canvas flowy is one of the best t-shirts for sublimation. The sublimation ink may be securely attached to the shirt using these two materials. Additionally, compared to other polyester shirts, they are significantly easier to find.


  1. Bella Canvas Slub

 bella canvas slub

Slub is a fantastic choice for sublimation because it naturally has a vintage appearance. 

They have utilized their 50 polyester 37.5 kinds of cotton, and 12.5% rayon 3650 Unisex Poly-Cotton Tee. The white fabric of the non-poly yarns can be seen through the print since slub is made by weaving uneven yarn (a technique that gives it that bumpy look). 

At DTLA Print, they gave their tee an extremely great weathered effect by pairing it with a vintage black and white photograph. These shirts’ graphics are more in danger of fading, yet they still exhibit exceptional embedded design quality.


  1. Bella Canvas Tri-blend

 bella canvas tri blend

The 3413 and 8413 Unisex, Raw Neck Tri-blend shirts are other items from their Fast Fashion range and were also utilized while at DTLA Print. 

A vintage Los Angeles pattern is combined with these tees, which are made of 50%polyesters 37.5 % cotton (somewhere around 37.5 to 25), and 25% rayon. The tee picked up a lot of brilliant colors because it still contains a lot of polyesters, which made it look wonderful. However, because it is combined with different fabrics, it also feels excellent and breathes nicely.

Compared to the Slub style, this Bella Canvas shirt includes more rayon and cotton in its combination. They are extremely soft and help to facilitate breathing. Additionally, because there is less cotton and more rayon in the final result of dye sublimation printing, it comes out to be extraordinarily well prepared.

Polyester Shirts

polyester shirts for sublimation

The best shirts for dye sublimation printing are thought to be those made of 100% polyester. This is because these shirts’ polymers can open their pores when exposed to a specific level of heat.

It enables the sublimation ink to be perfectly embedded in the fabric of the garment. When they are cooled, their pores quickly shut, leaving a permanent imprint of the image on the shirt. You can purchase some of the top polyester shirts for yourself by choosing from the following:

  1. A4 Sublimation T-shirts

a4 sublimation shirt

The best 100% polyester shirt can be found on websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. They can maximize printing’s potential despite being rather expensive. Additionally, it can improve the visual appeal of your shirt design. However, it is not favored because it frequently sticks to damp skin and prohibits breathing. 


  1. M21 Jerzees

m21 jerzees shirt for sublimation

Jerzees M21 shirts work well with sublimation printing. Although they are made entirely of polyester, they have the advantage of not sticking to moist skin. Because they operate as heat insulators and resemble cotton, they are frequently referred to as sweatshirts.


  1. Next-level Shirts

next level shirt for sublimation

These shirts contain a polyester and cotton combination, however, despite this, they have a dye sublimation ability on par with 100% polyester shirts. They are composed of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Their sole drawback is that they frequently itch and stick to the skin. The shirts are perfect for dye-sublimation printers in every other way.


  1. Blended Polyester

blended polyester shirt for sublimation

For sublimation printing, shirts made of polyester blends are also ideal. However, the sublimation process for the shirt blend requires at least 65% polyester. This is so that the sublimation print design on the shirt will be more brittle and of lower quality if the amount of polyester is lower than this.


Cotton Shirts

cotton shirt for sublimation


Cotton shirts don’t work as well for dye sublimation printing as polyester shirts do. However, the imprinted design on the shirt is of high quality. In the world of dye sublimation printing, there are no equals for vibrancy and clarity.

The only issue is that cotton shirts and sublimation ink are incompatible. However, you can resolve this problem by utilizing one of the several pre-treatments for your sublimation ink that are offered on the market.


Bottom Line: These are present top-quality blank shirts on the market for sublimation dye prints. Boost the number of polymers in the tee as much as you can for a hard and sturdy design, if you want to increase the efficacy of sublimation prints on shirts.

You should always strive to increase the percentage of rayon and cotton in the shirt to improve the color quality of the sublimation design. However, make sure to maintain a high proportion of rayon concerning cotton shirts.

Bella Canvas 3001 Review for Sublimation Printing

bella canvas 3001 shirt for sublimation


If you own a merchandising business and are unsure of the best types of garment canvases to use for your exquisite designs. You should consider Bella+Canvas 3001 for sublimation. If you’re considering using the Bella Canvas 3001, we’re here to provide you with 5 things you need to know about the world’s most well-liked tee! 

It Begins With the Material

Bella+Canvas developed their own combed, ring-spun cotton called Airlume specifically for their blanks. For the 3001 shirts, they only use long-staple cotton and pick the purest and finest cotton.

Because the cotton fiber in long-staple is longer than in short-staple, it feels softer. The tight and uniform tie of long-staple cotton makes it the perfect material to take the color used in print-on-demand. 

Great Seams of Bella canvas 3001!

The 3001 from Bella+Canvas is renowned as a premium item with great attention to detail. You may have observed that some t-shirts have “side seems” and some are made “tubular” when exploring various t-shirt styles. 

The majority of the clothing in your closet probably includes side seams, which are designed to be better-looking and more figure-flattering since they are tighter and of higher quality.

They usually cost more than their tubular tee counterparts, which is a drawback. The reason for this is that making a tubular, single-piece tee appears to be a shorter and more straightforward process. 

You might see these t-shirts at tourist destinations, county fairs, or occasions that support charities or fun runs. They are typically made to spread awareness of a cause or act as an advertisement rather than to be worn every day.

Feel and Fit

Great fits follow great seams! The Bella Canvas 3001 is made precisely to be the best-fitting tee for the blank garment industry, and it is a huge success. When you look closely at the different kinds of human bodies, you may discover that none of them are tube-shaped. No exceptions to Bella Canvas’ policy of never manufacturing tubular t-shirts apply to the Bell Canvas 3001.

The Bella Canvas 3001 is additionally offered in the “heather” texture, a cotton-polyester mix that gives the tee a well-liked “heather” feel, or a cozier and warmer feel. This opens up a variety of color choices that give a design a distinctive, textured look and tie it to the fabric.

The Bella Canvas 3001 is also available in sizes XS to XXXXL, making the range of bodies it can accommodate one of the best in the business, including youth sizes S-M-L. Additionally, to support the collar and maintain the shirt’s structural integrity over time, a set-in neck and shoulder taping is used.

Incredible Color Choice

Bella Canva has more than 3001 colors. If you’ve ever found it difficult to choose a color other than basic black that will complement your design, look no further.

In addition to the extensive color selection, you will find the perfect shade thanks to the Bella Canvas 3001 design team. As part of their commitment to keeping their products current, they identify and incorporate the hottest colors into their designs. 

As a result, there is a wide variety, and the Bella Canvas 3001 can handle practically any graphic. You may pick the ideal color to highlight and make your design pop, from mint to charity pink!

Print Quality: A+

Since the texture of the shirt and the fabric is so smooth, we’ve already covered cotton and how it enables you to print fantastic graphics onto the Bella shirt 3001. Only high-energy dyes that are resistant to fading and degradation are used in these shirts. 

With a high-quality tee like the Bella Canvas 3001, your designs will remain vivid and lifelike for your clients for a longer period, which is precisely what you want. Additionally, they don’t overdye their t-shirts, which makes them ideal for DTG printing or print-on-demand!

The Bella shirt 3001 is the current market leader, and for good reason, whether you’re trying to revamp your store, replace your lineup, or start your marketing journey. You can count on it.

How should I care for my Bella Canva sublimation shirts?

Cre for bella canvas shirt

Once you’ve finished sublimating your shirt, it’s time to give it the best possible care so that it will last much longer for sublimation transfers.

There are some precautions you should take to keep your sublimated shirt safe from damage and to preserve its pattern for a lot longer. 

  1. Avoid washing shirts in hot water. This is to ensure that the sublimation ink won’t leak out of the shirt’s pores and ruin the design if the water temperature causes the pores to open.
  2. If you use laundry detergent, only use a little amount of it on sublimated clothing. If you use them in high amounts, they will interfere with sublimation ink and distort the imprint.
  3. Avoid washing colored and white shirts in the same load. This is since any color that dissolves in water will undoubtedly combine with molecules from other shirts.
  4. It would be beneficial if you always chose to hang rather than use machines to dry washed sublimated shirts because machines put the ink on the shirts at risk of disconnecting from their place.
  5. Avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach to get rid of minor stains on sublimated t-shirts.
  6. Avoid using metal hangers to hang sublimated t-shirts because the metal’s surface will probably react with the ink’s chemicals. Always use wooden or plastic hangers.
  7. Avoid having your sublimated shirts dry-cleaned because doing so will cause some of the ink to be released from the t-shirt.
  8. Keep your sublimated shirts in a cool, dry atmosphere to avoid any sublimation ink defect in the design of the garments.

By following these instructions, you may greatly extend the life of your sublimated shirt and keep it safe from the threat of fading, cracking, ghosting, etc.

Sublimation Printing on Poly Blends

  1. A mirror image of the original design is digitally printed on special sublimation transfer paper. 
  2. The print is then sublimated onto the garment by inserting the sublimation transfer paper into a heat press. 
  3. Before sublimation printing, all fabrics should be tested, but depending on how the t-shirt is made,  sublimation is typically done at temperatures between 380 and 400 degrees for 20 to 35 seconds. 
  4. The heat transforms the ink on the paper into a gas, which then transforms back into a solid as it cools. 
  5. Many people mistakenly believe that sublimation can only be used on garments made entirely of polyester because only polyester is the one material that is capable of holding the ink on shirts. 

Notable Point!

100% polyester is good but it might not be suitable to wear all the time. In contrast, Bella+Canvas offers a variety of poly blends that they have found to be excellent for sublimation. A vintage or distressed appearance is produced by sublimation on poly blends because the only yarn that will pick up the ink is polyester. They collaborated with DTLA Print’s team to test sublimation printing on three of their polymer blends. 

People Also Ask

questions about bella canvas shirt for sublimation

Which kind of shirt is ideal for sublimation?

The finest t-shirt for sublimation printing is one that is made entirely of polyester or poly blend material. The more polymer a t-shirt contains the more it is good for sublimation. The shirt will include incorporated designs that are higher quality and more durable. In addition, you can utilize clothing with a high poly-cotton ratio. Remember that polyester and polymers are the keys to designing good and acceptable graphics for shirts.

What color do shirts take sublimation printing the best?

Conventional wisdom holds that white is the best color for sublimation printing on shirts. The fact that no extra colors can interfere with the imprinted design makes them suitable for the purpose. They can embed the sublimation prints more deeply and attractively into the simple, uncluttered surface. Good colors can be found in the best Bella Canvas shirts for sublimation.

Will a grey shirt sublimate?

Grey t-shirts can be sublimated, but they won’t be as functional and fashionable as other shirts. The imprinted designs look slightly greenish because of the darker surface of the shirt, which hurts both the print and the actual t-shirt. As a result, it is not recommended to sublimate print on grey clothing.

Why do my sublimated t-shirts seem faded?

The result of the apparatus’s abnormally high temperature and pressure causes the sublimation prints on a t-shirt to appear somewhat faded and distorted. The build of the t-shirt can be another factor. When there are several components in a t-shirt with less than 60% polyester, prints will fade since there aren’t many polymers for the sublimation ink to attach to.

Why does my sublimation not appear vibrant?

The design is imprinted on the incorrect side of the sublimation paper is one of the main causes of the sublimation print’s lack of vibrancy, giving the print a slightly faded appearance and dull colors. Nearly all sublimation papers have a watermark to indicate the location and side of the paper on which the print will be placed to prevent such occurrences.


Bella-canvas highly advises giving sublimation a go if you’re searching for a retro but detailed aesthetic. Keep in mind that sublimation only prints on light-colored clothing when choosing styles from the BELLA+CANVAS fabrics indicated above.

All t-shirts are not made equal. After you have a better understanding of the market’s top shirts for sublimation printing, you may greatly expand your sublimation shirt business along. Even if you don’t own a business, you may still utilize these t-shirts to make your original designs appear much more attractive to them.

Give a 100% polyester t-shirt a shot for sublimation if you are just starting in the world of sublimation printing. Even yet, if you are aware of the essential characteristics needed and the best t-shirts for sublimation printing, the decision about the shirt is fully up to you.

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