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Once you have bought a screen printer, now what are you looking for? Probably the best screen printing inks. The screen printing inks come in several types. A reliable ink ensures constant flow and is durable, and can work wonders for your final results. Moreover, the ink type varies depending on the print you want, and the time it will require for the preparation. However, it is not sure that all your projects will demand the same ink type, but some will demand a different ink type.

Furthermore, screen printing is the best way to create breathtaking designs on t-shirts. Even more, businesses and individuals choose a screen printing method because it’s not only easy to use, but one can do so from the comfort of their home. So if you plan to print on a t-shirt, banner, or tote bag, you will require an ink type that helps the job get done smoothly. Best Screen printing inks are a different form of ink that you cannot use on all surfaces. 

What Are The Best Screen Printing Inks Should You Buy?

As we all know, different projects demand different inks. Hence we have come up with a list of multiple ink types that will help you understand which kind of ink you must use for a specific project. However, the screen printing technique is quite versatile.

Ink Types Commonly Used For Best  Screen Printing Inks

Let’s look at different inks that may help you complete your projects. best Screen printing inks vary in colors and sizes. However, there are three types of ink commonly available for screen printing purposes. Have a look below:

1: Plastisol (best screen printing ink for t-shirts)

The most dynamic type of ink available in the market is plastisol. Moreover, the best thing about the ink is that it takes slightly more time to dry, so it automatically remains on the screen for a longer time. Business owners can surely opt for this type of ink. It is one of the finest forms of ink and is extremely durable. Even more, the ink goes well with different methods and equipment. It is one of the most common ink types, and most companies cover it to date. The user-friendly ink works great with matching Pantone colors. The best thing about the ink is that it does not have any shelf life, so you can use it later also.

However, the plastisol ink results in an opaque print due to its thick consistency. Besides, it has amazing coverage no matter what garment you use for printing. Also, the ink is versatile because it does not include fabric dying during the printing process so you can use any fabric for the purpose; there are no such restrictions. The shirt’s material doesn’t affect the printing colors.

  • Ensures good coverage
  • Almost no ink waste
  • Fabric limitation is less or rare
  • Allows usage of additives to let go of the thick feel
  • Quite thick feel
  • Skin cannot breathe easily through the fabric
  • No usage of sustainable ingredients


2: Water-based ink Screen Printing

Water-based Screen Printing Inks

Although some people have mixed thoughts about water-based ink still, the ink is being used greatly for screen printing. 

The reason which makes the ink superior to other inks is it saturates the fiber, unlike different ink that rests over it. It gives the final results quite a solid look. However, leaving the colors with a lower opacity. The ink does not portray high coverage results being low viscous. The colors get dull when printed on dark fabric. Furthermore, if you want to print in a dark fabric, you must ensure to print a white base first or add a discharge agent alongside the ink to get better results. The discharge agent forms a chemical reaction and results in a bright coverage.

However, there is one thing that you will always need to keep in mind. Unlike other inks, water-based ink cures through evaporation. The process requires a dry environment, so it cures smoothly. 

  • It.ensures a softer feel
  • The ink contains natural ingredients
  • The print lets you breathe easily
  • Fabric restrictions
  • Color is not so accurate
  • It comes with a shelf life


3: Foil screen printing

Foil screen printing


The foil printing process is quite similar to other press printing techniques. Moreover, foil screen printing revolves around a heat process in which the dye gets inserted into the garment. However, foil screen printing heavily relies on adhesive glue. Even better, the foil screen printing process is usually used for canvases with firm textures like metal surfaces, book covers, and books

  • Smooth colors, quite rich
  • Leaves wonderful impression
  • Permanent print impression
  • Ensures a professional yet classy look
  • Highly-priced
  • It comes in limited colors and sizes
  • It does not allow the layering of multiple colors



4: Discharge Ink (Best screen printing ink for fabric)

Unlike other ink types, the discharge ink works differently. It eliminates the pigment from the fabric and adds its pigment. The ink works amazingly on 100% cotton fabric.

Discharge Ink best for fabric printing

However, if you think that you can do it at home on your own, you are mistaken as the application of ink requires a higher level of expertise. The ink wonderfully works on darker fabrics. Discharge ink also works through a chemical formation. Moreover, the discharge ink is highly versatile because it contains zero hand feel, which amuses the customers to a great extent. 

Another use of discharge ink is, using it under the base. Moreover, this shows the uniqueness of the ink. The discharge ink’s quality is that it vanishes from the dye from the fabric, making it possible to print super amazing prints on the fabric.

You need to know an important fact before working with the discharge ink, it emits formaldehyde gas during the cure, so your space must be well-ventilated to avoid any inconvenience. However, to cure the discharge ink, you surely need a gas dryer so that it prints discharge. Also, you can use large fans to resolve the issue.

  • Experience no raised print will 
  • No evidence of peeling or cracking
  • Does not demand PVC
  • Works exceptionally well on light and dark garments
  • It only works well in soft designs
  • Requires more time for completion
  • Expensive ink


5: Acrylic printing

Acrylic printing

Acrylic printing is extremely incredible because it ensures the provision of a bright and glossy print which gives the impression of light on the design. Moreover, if you want to insert photographic images, then acrylics are the best option. The method is quite simple as one only needs an acrylic tracing sheet, a printing press, and the design that one has chosen. 

  • Waterproof prints
  • Their longevity is more than the canvas prints
  • Highly durable printing
  • The printing process is expensive
  • There is much glare in the prints
  • Heavy design



6: Silicone inks

silicon inks different colors

Silicone inks are not uncommon, but they are the most expensive ones. Moreover, the highly-priced ink exceptionally works well on nylon and poly-blend fabrics. Brands like Nike use silicone ink to print on their versatile materials. Not only is the silicone ink overpriced, but it requires scientific minds for its application. This type of ink is highly challenging because it requires effort and hard work for its application. 


Types Of Inks For Different Fabrics

Under this heading, we will discuss some ink types that can go well along with different fabric types.

    White ink: The standard cotton white ink can go well along with cotton fabrics. Moreover, it will ensure a perfect adhesive touch with an ideal white print. 
    Poly white ink: One can use poly white ink on a fabric that has a heather color. You will get a perfect print on the blended garments through this type of ink. 
    Low bleed ink: Low bleed ink perfectly blends on full polyester garments. Moreover, ink other than low blood may be risky as it may spread on the garment and leave a stain.
    Nylon white ink: For nylon fabric, like jackets, you will require white nylon ink. It is a special type of ink with additional adhesive quality that sticks quite well in nylon fabric.

What Is The Best Screen Printing Ink?

Plastisol ink type is widely used in industries and readily available in the market. Individuals and businesses tend to use this type of ink to a great extent. Furthermore, the reason why it is heavily used is because of its versatility, opaqueness, and durability. The best thing about this type of ink is its detailed print. Also, its indefinite shelf life makes it stand out in the crowd. Hence, screen printing ink types vary in colors and sizes. The plastisol ink type is the best ink so far.

For more understanding, I have written a detailed article on The best sublimation inks go there and get your desired ink information.



To conclude, the article contains a detailed discussion on the best screen printing inks. You must have read about different inks that work in other fabrics. The ink needs to be compatible with a particular garment type. Otherwise, any inconvenience can occur. Even more, there are different types of ink discussed in the article that must have helped you understand the correct usage of ink in the right fabric. Screen printing is an amazing printing technique that produces unique prints. No other printing method can take its place. However, it requires different inks for different fabrics, so the results are better. The best screen printing ink is plastisol which prints the best results.
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