Best Sublimation Ink For Epson/ 6 Ink Types in 2023

What is the best sublimation ink for Epson, and where can you get it? As far as sublimation inks are concerned, there are a few options available. If you know the type of sublimation ink you’re using and how it differs from other inks available in the market, you will be able to save time and money when buying sublimation inks.

Which Ink Works Best For Sublimation?

which sublimation ink is best? The finest sublimation ink for your sublimation printer must always be specified when operating a sublimation printer. Your printer type, your current level in the process, and the level of color brilliance you actually require would all be factors to consider.

It is indeed recommended to get a premium product if you have a high-end printer so that you really can be confident you would not harm it. Choose the cheapest ink you feel more comfortable using if you have a less costly Epson printer. Keep in mind that sublimation ink should only be used for polyester and just not for cotton.

Guide To The Best Sublimation Ink For Epson

what is the best ink for sublimation? Your ink selection will indeed be impacted by the sublimation printing machine you are now using, in particular, or planning to use. There are many other viable opportunities if you have already turned an Epson printer into sublimation. No matter, if you want to use cartridges or an ongoing ink source, ink and toners for Epson, are considerably less expensive.

So, what is the best sublimation ink for an Epson printer? It is indeed crucial to really get the best sublimation ink for Epson eco tank printers. The design grade of your items will also be determined by the top sublimation ink you use, which would also make it much easier for you all to create a significant quantity of products. We have hand-selected and pushed to the limit the best alternatives accessible on the market for you to enable you to discover the finest inks for sublimation.

Things To Take Into Account While Purchasing Sublimation Ink

printing brilliance: Make absolutely sure that the ink you selected performs very well with the type of product you are printing on because sublimation printing demands the best ink for sublimation printing that creates flawless-quality items.

Compliance: Confirm the sublimation ink’s compatibility with the particular printer device you are going to use.

Fading: Even though some sublimation ink comes to the conclusion that it precisely replicates the artwork, it generally starts to fade as soon as the thermal press is placed. And even though minor fading away is okay, too much of it could diminish your sublimation item’s brilliance.

Clogging: Even though most printer inks are manufactured with anti-clogging functionality, take this into consideration when selecting.

ICC profile: Each printer has an ICC profile, all of which should be changed just enough to get the best advertising outcomes. Verify and see whether the ink you are getting has an ICC profile that can then be obtained and whether there is a YouTube instructional video that can greatly assist you.

Most Effective Sublimation Inks For Epson

Printers Jack

One of the best sublimation inks for the Epson EcoTank printer and WorkForce variants is Printer Jack. The four-color configuration delivers a lot of high-quality printing and functions well with the other varying heat presses. Moreover, Printers Jack provides an exceptional ICC template for simple printer setup adjustments and attractive sublimation graphics.

The selection of products it can sublimate on is just another wonderful feature that lifts it to the number one spot for best sublimation dyes. This encompasses pottery, synthetic garments, phone cases, cups, dishes, footwear, and much more. Furthermore, they promise to be using 3-layered filtering ink technology to produce vibrant and brilliantly colored products that print effortlessly and also do not jam.

Unique characteristics

  • Easy to install and fade resistance
  • High endurance anti-UV reusable sublimated ink package
  • the high pace of heat conduction printing


Hiipoo ink

One of the most prominent sublimation ink, Hiipoo, functions well enough with premium Epson printers, such as the C88, C88+, WF7710, and then almost every Epson EcoTank printer. This sublimation ink exhibits minute details and functions effectively on so many materials. This is one of the finest attributes of this sublimation dye; it handles nearly every one of the items used throughout sublimation, such as logos, block motifs, textiles, stockings, and much more.

The restrictions on sublimating clothes are that you can always exclusively do it on goods that contain less than 30 percent cotton. You may trust in the robustness of this ink because it surely is ISO and MSDS-recognized in terms of quality. To perform effectively, the Hippo ink ICC configuration requires a few modifications.

Unique characteristics

  • Compatibility with EcoTank, WorkForce, and Expression Supertank series
  • provides vibrant and long-lasting sublimation graphics.

Cosmos ink

Cosmos Ink’s inventory of sublimation ink for Epson printers is a significant variety of sublimation ink for inkjet printers. Due to the absence of shade profiles needed, Cosmos Ink seems to be a very desirable sublimation ink for Epson printers. Their ink somehow doesn’t need ICC profiles because it is specifically designed for Workforce printers. To refill cartridges, their ink additionally incorporates syringes and needles. Moreover, They provide ink refilling, uninterrupted ink supplying equipment, and conversion kits, including both inks and cartridges.

The WF-7710 and WF-7720 are two of the most famous Epson Workforce inkjet printers for sublimation, both of which are compatible with Cosmos ink. They additionally carry ink for the Artisan and Stylus and just about every other Workforce printer you can think of. The online instructions that explain to you how to prepare your Epson for sublimation are also another wonderful feature of Cosmos Ink inks.

unique characteristics:

  • conversion kits, continuous ink supply, and replenishment of ink
  • no need for an ICC profile.

InkXpro Sublimation Ink

InkXpro includes a comprehensive combination and functions with well-known Epson products. It is ideal for printing on lighter sublimation sheets.

From the official web page of inkXpro, you could freely get all the ICC profiles. This ink can also be used for standard items like polyester clothing, phone cases, cups, and so on. Displaying n sublimates with bright colors are offered by dye-based sublimation inks. In terms of determining whether it would be suitable with your certain Epson type, you could also use Amazon-approved fitment.

Unique characteristics

  • distinctive and vibrant sublimation ink
  • Free ICC profile on the official web page.

Ink for Sublimation Heat Press Nation

Heat Press Nation provides the sublimation ink you would need for the Epson 1430! Sublijet and ArTainium pigmented sublimation inks, two of the most popular inks for sublimation printing, are now only accessible from Heat Press Nation. These inks are so much costlier than the much more affordable Amazon inks but perhaps much more suitable for specific business requirements. Heat Press Nation primarily offers genuine, high-quality cartridges, as they do not stock CIS systems.

unique characteristics:

  • better for big commercial applications
  • new and superior ink cartridges


Reusable plastic cartridges and CISS are equipped with TBTeek sublimation printer ink. The last but not least favorite choice for the best sublimation ink for Epson and sawgrass printers is a solvent with low viscosity that really does not jam printing nozzles.

The anti-UV reusable sublimation ink package could be used on both hard and d***elicate materials and has excellent durability on sublimation templates. The ideal replacement for Hiipoo sublimation ink is this ISO-certified ink. In a trial of multicolored sublimation printing, it stands up to scrutiny. A colorful graphic can be produced without compromising how neatly every visual entity’s edges are rendered.

Unique characteristics

  • Sublimation ink with ISO certification
  • high quality of product and vivid different shades


what is sublimation ink?

sublimation ink specifically works with the dye sublimation printing method. In this process pressure and heat are commonly used to change the ink into a gas state without liquefying it. so, the dye sublimation printing techniques establish the workflow of sublimation ink effectively. There are two types of sublimation ink.

  • Aqueous Dye Sublimation Ink
  • Solvent Dye Sublimation Ink

What does aqueous ink mean?

The main solvent of Aqueous dye sublimation inks is water. Aqueous inks use dye and pigment or both at a time. The inks are being used in large formats printers to complete many printing processes.

Solvent Dye Sublimation Inks

Solvent-based inks are formulated with many different solvents. These solvent dye sublimation inks have other add-ons (chemicals)  like chloride vinyl acetate copolymers up to 2 -6%, polymeric amides  0 – 3%; ethyl acetates up to 4%. these inks are being used in printers that have a wide printing head with good speed for large-format printing.

what is sublimation ink used for?

we can utilize sublimation ink on multiple sublimation-ready surfaces like glass, wood, steel, metal, fabric, plastic, ceramics, mugs, key chains sportswear items, and many more. we can also use sublimation inks on a white background or light-colored items. Sublimation inks do not perform well on dark-colored products and if you sublimate anything on dark-colored surfaces, it won’t look visible.

Are all sublimation inks created equal? Well, No, you get what you pay for in living, as in just about everything. Understanding the printer or sublimation ink you want to use is generally recommended.

You can use inks straight away if your Epson printer is clean out of the package and has never been touched. Mounting the Epson cartridges that came with the printer is not recommended. Add a combination of comparable sublimation cartridges or a pair of alternative reusable refills that use bottled ink.

So, is it possible to print normally using sublimation ink? Sublimation ink should never be used for conventional printing. Sublimation is still not supported by the vast majority of printers. Yet, some printers can be transformed into sublimation printers or are competent in doing either.

Since you should just not mingle various types of ink in your printer first without performing a purging process and perhaps a cleanup kit, this could create disruption with your color adjustments and possibly your printer.

Which is the best sublimation ink for Epson? So there you have it—our judgment on some of the finest Epson sublimation inks. Any of the abovementioned alternatives is suitable. Hiipoo sublimation is the best selection if we must pick just one. If you can’t seem to find Epson printer compliance, you could also test Printers Jack.
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