Best Sublimation Inks Compatible With Sublimation Printers in 2023

In order to achieve the best results with sublimation printing, you need to select a good quality ink after you have purchased a new printer. Finding the best sublimation inks can be quite a challenge, however, it is possible to do. 

You can find a compatible ink for your printer. Sublimation ink also tends to determine the quality of your print. Even better, it also produces greater volume with the desirable results.

Top 5 The Best Sublimation Inks:

So far, I have tested plenty of sublimation ink brands and got satisfactory results with some of them. I have given reviewed here a few of the best sublimation inks, so you can choose the right and compatible ink for your printer easy.

printers jack best sublimation inks Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink
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  xcinkjet best sublimation inks Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink
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  hipoo best sublimation inks Hiipoo Sublimation Ink
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seogal best sublimation inks Seogal Sublimation Ink
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  luckyink best sublimation inks Luckyink Sublimation Ink
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1: Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink (best for Sublimation printing business)

printers jack best sublimation inks for printing


9.8/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Printers Jack
  • Color: 4 x Color
  • Compatibility Options: Compatible
  • Special Feature: Refillable, Water Resistant
  • Compatible Devices: Printer

Do you need a replacement for your sublimation ink for your printing business? Then try The “Printers jack” an ultimate choice for your printer.

Firstly, for this sublimation ink, the refillable sublimation ink cartridges are filled using a syringe. This ink is compatible with a printer that works on different surfaces, so it can be used on various blanks. Furthermore, these items include t.shirts, mug cups, pillow covers, quilts, cloth, caps, shoes, cross-stitch, banner, flag, decorative cover, and much more. 

Secondly, you simply have to come up with an idea and implement it through printer jack sublimation inks, which will always stun you with the best results. I particularly loved the vibrant colors of this ink. In addition, the ink has a water-based dye that makes it possible to print with a high heat transfer rate.

According to my experience, I’ve always had vivid colors and bright results with this sublimation ink. However, it is surely one of the most reliable sublimation inks.

  • Ensures zero clogging
  • The ink promises smooth printing
  • Easy refilling and installation
  • Highly durable ink with increased stability
  • Water-resistant ink with zero fading experience
  • The ink is not compatible with a few Epson printer models
  • Not worth the money
  • The package does not contain ink cartridges

Bottom line

In sum, the high-quality printers’ jack sublimation ink serves Epson Ecotank printers efficiently. Moreover, you can customize anything with the help of this sublimation ink, whether it’s a t.shirt, mug, pillowcase, or decorative cloth. Buying sublimation ink named “Printers jack” ensures you vivid results with vibrant colors. The sublimation ink provides you with excellent results.

2: Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink (Best for Epson printers)

xcinkjet best sublimation inks for vibrant designs


9.6/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Xcinkjet
  • Color: BK C M Y
  • Special Feature: Refill Ink
  • Compatible Devices: Printer

Are you experiencing a miss printing while your older ink does not satisfy your needs? Look for a more good option which is “Xcinkjet sublimation ink”. This ink, based on my experience, is ideally compatible with all Epson printer types. 

It comes in a package of 4 colors, cyan, black, magenta, and yellow. Many printer models are easily compatible with this ink. I have tested this ink on watches, calendars, mugs, pillows, mouse mats, cup mats, clothing, hats, pillows, cloth bags, etc. Moreover, I most often got good results from every product I tested.

The ink is incredibly easy to install and offers you the best value for your money. The pack comes in colors, namely yellow, cyan, black, and magenta. The ink can be used for multiple Epson printer models, which is an excellent feature for Epson printer owners. It’s a wonderful printer ink that helps you print on various items, including clothing, mugs, pillow covers, etc.

The high-quality printing ink justifies its results. With this ink pack, you get free 24-hour customer service, so when in trouble, you don’t need to worry since customer service is always available to help.

The color variation is the best thing about this ink set. I have had a wonderful time using these ink colors with my different printing ideas. It is surely one of the best sublimation inks so far.

  • It’s available in multiple colors
  • Compatible with multiple printer models
  • Prints well on different surfaces
  • Ensures excellent sublimation transfers
  • Easily gets clogged
  • The ink fades easily
  • Issues with its nozzles

Bottom line

Shortly, the Xcinkjet ink sublimation printer can be your best option due to its stunning features and affordable price. A variety of Epson printers are compatible with the ink.

3:Hiipoo Sublimation Ink (best for crafters)

hiipoo best sublimation inks for beginner


9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Hiipoo
  • Color: 1B/1C/1M/1Y
  • Page Yield: 3000
  • Special Feature: Waterproof
  • Compatible Devices: Printer
  • Ink Color: 1B/1C/1M/1Y

Are you in search of highly compatible printer ink for sublimation crafts? Then nothing is better than the “hiipoo sublimation ink”. Based on my testing, this ink is great and highly compatible with many different sublimation printers. 

Ink allows you to perform various types of printing tasks. You may be producing shirts, pillow covers, banners, ceramics, caps, shoes, hoodies, puzzles, socks, canvas, wood, etc. by using font processing and cartoon patterns.

To put together the perfect gift ideas, you should use this printer ink as it ensures the highest quality printing. It is a water-based dye sublimation ink that provides a high heat transfer printing rate.

In addition, these inks have fast-trying ink colors. Moreover, the water-resistance feature keeps the ink from smearing. Also, you will experience almost no fading through this ink.

It comes with a pack of 4 colors which include black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. It undergoes a rigorous checking process before it’s delivered to the customer, which is why it’s highly reliable. The increased durability makes this ink even more prestigious than multiple printer models. Its one of the cheapest sublimation inks.

  • Simple to install and refill
  • Good ink with a reasonable price
  • The perfect ink for sublimation crafting
  • Easy application on various items
  • Ensures vibrant and vivid colors
  • It doesn’t print bright images
  • Some experience poor-quality ink

Bottom line

In sum, the Hiipoo sublimation ink lets you explore the world of printing to the fullest. Moreover, it comes in four colors altogether which are black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. Aside from that, this ink perfectly works on t.shirts, clothing, pillowcases, mugs, ceramics, and many other items. It is the best sublimation ink for Epson.

4: Seogol Sublimation Ink (best for DIYers)

seogal best sublimation inks for brilliant colors
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Seogol
  • Color: MultiColor
  • Compatibility Options: Compatible
  • Special Feature: High quality
  • Compatible Devices: Printer

Is your previous sublimation ink causing you problems? Then, here is the “Seogol sublimation ink”, which is an ideal replacement.

For years, I have been using the same ink for printing on sublimation paper and have been quite satisfied with its results. In addition, it is highly compatible with a variety of printer models.

It comes with advanced 3-layer filtering technology. However, it ensures vivid printing results in every print. The texture of my prints has always been smooth and I have never encountered the clogging issue.

If you want a realistic effect in sublimation printing, then this ink set can be a great choice for your dreamy prints. This heat transfer printer ink works wonders on t-shirts, hoodies, clothing, banners, flags, boxes, bags, cross-stitch, quilts, and much more.

You can print your ideas through this ink pack and make customized and unique items for your loved ones and friends. It is the safest ink pack and highly reliable for your future prints. Further, there is a strict checking that the ink goes through and then delivered to the customers.

The after-sales service brings this ink pack into the limelight and has gained popularity. For me, the ink has served so many of my printing needs. The vibrant colors increase the demand for ink.

  • Waterproof ink set
  • It comes with a light-resistant feature
  • Highly durable ink package
  • It comes with four color set
  • Highly superior ink quality package
  • Expensive ink set
  • No variation in colors

Bottom line

The seogol sublimation ink serves all printing purposes no matter if it’s printing on the hoodie, banners, mugs, ceramics, flags, t.shirt, and much more. Furthermore, the ink prints the best design for your loved ones and friends. Even more, whether you own a business or you are a DIYer, it will serve all your printing needs to the core. The high-quality ink serves your needs to the fullest of other sublimation inks.

5: Luckyink Sublimation Ink (best for T-shirts)

luckyink best sublimation inks for sharp printing


9.8/10 Our Score


  • Brand Luckyink
  • Color Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
  • Compatibility Options Compatible
  • Special Feature Refill Ink
  • Compatible Devices Printer
  • Ink Color Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan

Do you need an ink that is easy to refill for sublimated printed t-shirts? Then do try the “ Luckyink sublimation ink”. There is no better ink than this. 

Firstly, sublimation transfer printing ink gives you the ability to print your dreams. Additionally, the more creative a design you choose, the more versatile the design will be. The ink is highly compatible with several printer models. The ink package includes common colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Mix these colors to ensure you obtain the best printouts.

Secondly, with the help of this, you will be able to put your ideas into action in a way that will certainly yield the results you want. There are plenty of items on which you can print your creative designs, such as watches, mouse mats, banners, flags, bags, boxes, ceramics, caps, and many more. 

Thirdly, it’s a pleasure to feel the warmth and intensity of every color you get printed. Moreover, the smooth prints will make your day for sure. Besides, there are no clogging issues that you will encounter with the printer ink. 

The water-resistant ink ensures you a mess-free experience. The ink package is highly stable, and its durability is beyond words. It’s not going to fade anytime soon. It is surely an excellent heat transfer ink.

  • Easy to refill and install
  • Highly durable ink package
  • Superior printing quality
  • Highly stable ink package
  • Water-resistant ink
  • It uses the auto-fill system
  • Highly priced as compared to features

Bottom line

On the whole, the Luckyink sublimation ink helps you produce the best printing results. Moreover, the ink has great value for money, so you will not waste your money if you invest in this ink package.

Buying Guide for the Best Sublimation Ink

So you are equipped with your printer and the best design you have researched? Now, the next thing you need to look for is the best inks to produce bright sublimation prints. Most probably you will find this task a bit difficult. You might compare multiple inks and get confused with each one of them. In this guide, I will purposely share some opinions about the top sublimation inks.  

Sublimation ink is one of the unique special forms of ink. Due to this reason, we get high-quality print through sublimation ink. The prints obtained from a sublimation printer do not fade or turn yellow. 

There is surely a high demand for sublimation inks, and this puzzled many buyers. I will now shed some light on the factors you must prioritize the most while purchasing the perfect sublimation ink. Considering the right factors will lead to a successful purchase. Here are some of the factors:


The first thing you should look for in a sublimation ink is its excellent compatibility with your sublimation printer, which is very important. The sublimation ink will only work well and show high-quality results if it matches your printer’s compatibility. Also, you will not get the desired results if the sublimation ink is not compatible with the printer you own.

Transfer rate:

Transfer rate is defined as the quantity of the sublimation ink on your paper or other hard surfaces. The excellent transfer rate is 90% which is the best of all as it portrays precise and vivid results that look exceptionally attractive.


Ink size matters when it comes to printing. Your ink bottles should be large enough to cater to the needs of your printer because this way, you will get rid of refilling them frequently. There are preferable sizes available in the market, from 100 to 240 ml. You can choose one depending on your needs.


Ink with water-resistant features ensures long-lasting results. Moreover, ink with water-resistant features will last longer; otherwise, the ink may fade. It is not just that you have to seek help from the manual but keep in mind to consult friends and family who have prior experience with the sublimation ink.


If you opt for high-quality sublimation ink, there are fewer chances that it may harm your printer. A good sublimation ink ensures durability and does not lead to clogging issues. Even more, the better ink quality promises you outstanding performance while extending the durability of your printer. 

The excellent quality sublimation ink does not fade anyway. However, it also ensures the true colors with vivid and bright results. Also, its color does not appear even when exposed to UV light or heat.

Simple to use:

Always choose a sublimation ink that does not require much effort for refilling, usage, or replacement extra cost. If it gives you a tough time, it is not meant for you. If your ink needs an expert for refilling or other issues, there would be high printing costs. So always choose a sublimation ink that is easy to use and refill so that you don’t need anyone’s assistance.


What is a good brand of sublimation ink?

The hiipoo ink is considered the best and cheap sublimation ink. This type of sublimation ink goes well with printers like Epson, including C88, C88+, WF7710, and most eco tank printers. You get the exact colors printed through this sublimation ink as per your desire. Also, it goes perfectly fine with all surfaces. 

Can I switch brands of sublimation ink?

Changing the brands of sublimation ink is not advised on many grounds. It can create havoc with the color corrections and cause trouble for your printer. You can run a cleaning kit, and then you can opt for another brand of sublimation ink if you want. If you do not run the cleaning kit, the residue from the previous colors may affect the results.

Are all sublimation ink the same?

No, of course not because you pay more for a high-quality product. If you pay less, you will get a product with below-average results. 
Also, different brands have different features, so you have to choose wisely. So it would be best if you research well before choosing a printer for sublimation ink for your printer.

What kind of ink is used for sublimation?

Dye-sub inks are capable of changing themselves from solid to gas state when heat and pressure are applied to them so, these inks perfectly suits for doing sublimation printing onto any sublimation-friendly material.


After reading detailed The best sublimation ink reviews, if you are still confused about the selection of sublimation ink for your printer, then check out my recommendations below:

  1. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink
  2. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

These will not only meet your sublimation printing needs but also add meaning to your prints.

Here in this video, you can see more sublimation inks to beautify your sublimation printing projects.

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