Top 5 Best Sublimation Paper of 2023 for Crispy and Sharp Sublimation Printing

In the printing industry, sublimation printing is now a trend. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, the most important thing you’ll need is the best sublimation paper with a unique coating and compatible sublimation ink. They contribute to the overall incredible performance of sublimation printing results.

Top 5 The Best Sublimation Paper you Must Try:

Sublimation papers consist of all the elements of an ideal paper that provides high-resolution prints, so finding one that corresponds with your needs takes much time, so here we are reviewing our tested sublimation papers to help you find your sublimation paper. You can pick one that meets your printing needs by looking through this article.

  a sub sublimation paper 8.5 x 11 inches A-SUB Sublimation Paper

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  printers jack sublimation paper 100 sheets Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

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  inkjet sublimation paper for vibrant printing Sublimation Paper

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s race sublimation paper 100 sheets S-RACE Sublimation Paper

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  koala sublimation paper 150 sheets Koala Sublimation Paper

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1: A-SUB Sublimation Paper 8.5×11 Inch for Inkjet Printer (Best for all inkjet printers)

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: A-SUB
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Paper Finish: Coated
  • Sheet Size: 8.5X11 Inches
  • Sheet Count: 110

If you’re in need of a premium sublimation paper that works with any inkjet printer, then this paper “A-Sub Sublimation Paper” is perfect for you. For us, the combination of the Epson desktop printers and Cosmos ink produced non faded and quick crease prints.

Firstly, due to the thickness, its drying time is relatively fast, so we don’t have to wait for long hours. Indeed, this is the best paper with 8.5 x 11 inches in size and 110 sheets for sublimation printing with inkjet printers.

Second, thanks to its new technology, it is capable of transferring 90% ink on polyester, 30% or less cotton, premium ceramic, phone cases, and more. Furthermore, its flat edges assist the entire process from loading to heat transfer printing.

Thirdly, this sublimation heat transfer paper works well for white or light colors, especially with sublimation ink. Additionally, this right sublimation paper works well when used to make DIY items.

  • The excellent transfer rate is 98%
  • Wide application
  • Compatible with any sublimation ink
  • Quick and easy to heat transfer
  • It produces sharp and crease-free results
  • Some of the time it bleeds
  • Transfers mostly, but some artifacts as well

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, if you want quick transfer results without waiting a long time for the ink to dry, you must try this sublimation paper. In addition to being a fantastic sublimation paper due to the outstanding print results, its high transfer rate in all fabrics, and its compatibility with all types of inks, this paper provides outstanding printing results.

2: Printers Jack Sublimation Paper 

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand Printers Jack
  • Paper Finish Coated
  • Sheet Size 8.5-x-11-inch
  • Sheet Count 100

Is your Sawgrass printer with sublimation ink in need of sublimation printer paper that is best for printing heat transfers on T-shirts, mugs, and light fabrics? Then you must go with “Printers Jack Sublimation Paper”. We found it to be the Best printing paper for Epson and Sawgrass Inkjet printers.

Firstly, due to its high transfer efficiency (98%), paper size of 8.5 x 11 inches, and 100 sheets of 120 gsm, it is an ideal paper that reduces production costs, producing images quickly on sublimation paper without cracking, does not fade and consumes less sublimation ink than other sublimation papers.

Secondly, when used in conjunction with sublimation ink for an inkjet printer, it’s pretty easy and simple to use. The first step is to select mirror printing by placing the design on the white side of the paper, setting the time and temperature, and then placing the design or image on the item, pressing it, and peeling it off.

Thirdly, Using this best sublimation paper we were able to make cards and other DIY and Handmade gifts for a large variety of occasions with its help now one can transfer his imagination by using sublimate printing on a variety of different allowed materials. In less than 10 minutes, you can recreate your imagination on a variety of materials, including fabrics with less than 30% cotton, and ceramic items, such as cups, plates, and bags.

  • Provides 98% a very high transfer rate
  • Waterproof heat transfer printing
  • The transferred image will not fade, crack or smudge
  • Gives crisp, bright, and clear high-quality printing results
  • It gets jammed in the printer

Bottom Line:

In last, this “Printers Jack Sublimation Paper” is a heat press sublimation paper that provides 98% higher transfer rates than regular papers, which lowers costs dramatically. In addition, it is used to release all ink during the sublimation process, which made your imagination image look vivid.

3: Sublimation Paper 100 Sheets 8.5 x 11 Inches (Best Budget Sublimation paper)

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Seogol
  • Color: White
  • Paper Finish: Coated
  • Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11-inch
  • Sheet Count: 100

Are you bothered by cracks after printing on paper and letting the sublimation ink dry on sublimation paper after heat transfer? Then you should try “Sublimation Paper” by Seogol. Our experience with this paper led us to place it among the top 5 sublimation papers.

First, due to its fast drying time and 98% transfer rate, it is ideally suited for sublimation printing. Further, the backside of the paper is light pink, while the front is white. With only one heat press pass, the print comes out nicely without any fuss. We used it on a variety of materials, including aluminum, microfiber, and MDF board, with no difference in design performance. That is why we love it.

Secondly, it can be printed on a wide variety of products such as bags, phone cases, mousepads, pillows, ceramic mugs, and plates. Use this amazing sublimation paper to engrave your T-shirt at home. With an ideal size of 8.5 x 11 inches and flat edges, heat press prints transfer smoothly. Additionally, you can get the best design/print results with a box of 100 sheets that comes in the package.

Third, it is compatible with Epson, Sawgrass, and Richo inkjet printers with piezoelectric printheads. It only supports sublimation ink, not ordinary ink.

  • Ensures waterproof outstanding prints
  • Non-faded results without cracks
  • Cheaper price
  • Images or designs don’t smudge
  • Exceptional versatility
  • If tightly wrapped, paper can shrink and curl
  • Heat press using iron is not supported

Bottom Line:

In brief, the “Sublimation Paper by Seogol” is one of the best sublimation papers that produces excellent color reproduction. The wide application, higher transfer rate, superfast drying, affordable price, and exceptional versatility make its overall performance outstanding.

4: S-RACE Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11 inch (Best for Polyester coated surfaces)

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: S-RACE
  • Color Standard: (100 Sheets)
  • Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds
  • Paper Finish: Specially Coated
  • Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11-inch Inches

Do you want HD Quality sublimation print results on polyester-made objects? The only paper that can satisfy your need is “S-RACE Sublimation Paper”. In order to make the colors pop, print them on various surfaces. When we first tested,  we printed on polyester napkins and had good results.

Firstly, with its sheet size of 8.5 x 11 inches and 1.6 pounds weight, this specially coated sublimation paper provides excellent heat transfer. There are 100 sheets in the package, providing vibrant, smear-proof printing. Furthermore, it is specifically designed for sublimation, and therefore only supports sublimation ink. In addition to helping beginners, the package of 100 sheets with instructions regarding transfer time and transfer heat ensures a smooth printing process.

Secondly, this sublimation paper is compatible with Epson, Richo, and Sawgrass printers. Additionally, it’s recommended to use it on surfaces coated with polyester. So, you can print or have an image transferred to a phone case, mug, key chains, polyester fabric, a key ring, or a mousepad.

Thirdly, because of its versatility and wide application, it is also known as a “ONE PAPER FOR ALL SUBSTRATES”. After printing, this high-quality paper immediately dries up and is ready to go into the processing phase. With inkjet printers, it can produce HD-quality photos and designs that look crisp, sharp, and clean. Furthermore, its high transfer rate and precision reduce ink costs tremendously

  • It dries quickly
  • A specially coated product
  • Exceptional HD photo quality
  • Higher transfer rate
  • Compared to other printers, better ink savings
  • Hard to differentiate between sides

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, this good sublimation paper is for inkjet printers that use sublimation inks and provides great quality results. These are flat sheets of paper that have little confusion about the front and back. Generally, it produces HD-quality printing results.

5: Koala Sublimation Paper 

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: KOALA PAPER
  • Paper Finish: Coated
  • Sheet Size: 8.5X11 Inches
  • Sheet Count: 150
  • Brightness Rating: 80 Lumen

When it comes to diverse heat transfer printing projects, you need a printer that can handle them without breaking the bank. Koala sublimation paper, a top-rated printer that we have used for multiple printing projects, is exactly what you need.

Firstly, if scaled on a large scale, a box of 150 A4-sized sheets would be sufficient to meet your business needs. They are mostly preferred because they are available in various sizes at slightly varying prices. Moreover, this sublimation paper appears to be suitable for photos and artwork that are extra wide. Therefore, this paper is used for DIY projects too.

Secondly, its thickness allows it to consume ink efficiently and save ink costs over time. The 97% ultra-high transfer rate and super-fast drying time also contributed to the quality print process. It can handle large print jobs on inkjet printers with superfast transferring speeds, high ink compatibility, instant drying, and without any ink bleeding.

Lastly, it’s pretty simple and easy to use. It only requires the blank side of the sublimation paper for the transfer process. It performs extremely well at achieving your high color quality. Also, it can be used on light-colored textiles and objects with cotton content less than 30%, such as socks. These sublimation papers can be used for heat transfer printing on ceramic plates, mousepads, phone cases, and mugs as well.

  • Exceptional ink transfer rate without ink bleeding
  • Dries instantly after printing
  • Print-friendly sublimation paper
  • High-quality, vibrant printing results
  • Replicate the image/design exactly
  • Specifically designed for inkjet printers
  • The paper isn’t that thick

Bottom Line:

Having an affordable price and plenty of features, Koala sublimation paper being a high-quality sublimation paper is an excellent choice for printing projects. With its excellent transfer rate, fast drying time, and high-quality image, it is one of the best sublimation papers on the market.

Things to consider when buying the best sublimation paper

Sublimation methods are used widely for printing designs on mugs and shirts. With perfect sublimation paper, the ink is transferred from the printer onto your object according to your choice of method. The quality of the sublimation paper is mandatory for vibrant and clear sublimation points.

Selection of sublimation paper

In the market, several brands claim to offer quality sublimation papers. You can only succeed in your sublimation business if you choose the highest quality.

In order to ensure the high-speed print quality of a paper, one should know the basic factors to be checked or considered. When buying the best sublimation paper, you must look for all the elements or factors listed in this below.

The following things are important when you are buying sublimation paper:

Time required for drying

It is important to consider how long the paper will dry. A faster drying process will allow you to have your finished products within a shorter period. So, the drying time of your sublimation paper must be quick.

Suitable for a wide number of option

It is important to select a sublimation paper that is suitable for wide application. Some papers are only ideal for sublimating fabrics, not ceramics or metals. This feature will limit the option for your printing production. So, you should consider a sublimation paper that has a wider application.

Compatibility with the printers

Make sure the sublimation paper you choose is compatible with any inkjet printer. Some sublimation papers are only consistent with a particular brand. So, you need to test the compatibility of your sublimation paper.

Moreover, some papers are only suitable for sublimation ink. You cannot use them for regular ink. Choose your paper based on the ink you use (water-based or gel-based) and the printer you have.

Transfer rate

If the paper transfer rate is high, then your design or pattern will be clear. So select that paper on which the sublimation ink remains crisp and does not absorb. When you apply heat to the paper, the paper needs to release the ink immediately. So, check all these paper features before making your purchase decisions.

The durability of the prints

The sublimation prints’ durability is critical as most people complain that the sublimation prints fade after some time. So, you must explore that sublimation paper that can endure longer without fading. Check the reviews of different papers regarding durability.

The thickness of the sublimation paper

The thickness of the sublimation paper also affects the quality of the images or designs. Thinner sheets twist and curl, rapidly impairing your process. Choose paper that can hold the heat and print bright images or patterns.

We’ve outlined all the factors to consider when buying sublimation paper High transfer rate, fast drying time, wide application, and compatibility help produce clear and bright images. Related: the best screen printing inks


What Is A Sublimation Paper?

As its name refers “Sublimation paper” is a printing sheet that sucks up ink and retains it. The inks used mostly for sublimation paper are Sublimation inks.

Which one is the best sublimation paper?

After testing hundreds of sublimation papers by different brands, we can say that the quality and colors “A-SUB Sublimation Paper” produces are excellent. Due to its compatibility with sublimation printers, high transfer rate, and much more, it is considered the best overall sublimation paper.

What is the difference between a sublimation paper and a regular paper?

The sublimation paper makes the sublimation ink part of the fabric after it has been transferred, whereas the regular paper adds another layer on top of the fabric. In terms of durability, feel, and printing, both are different.

Based on our review of the top 5 best sublimation papers, we found that there were multiple factors that helped to make the process of heat transfer sublimation printing work well. Thus, you need to keep in mind that the performance of the sublimation may vary from one printer to another and from one ink to another. Sublimation quality is not solely determined by the sublimation paper. However, the sublimation paper plays a crucial role in such printing. Hence, for smooth, crisp, and clear prints, you will need the best sublimation paper.

Even if you feel overwhelmed after reading these reviews, you can pick any of the papers from our two top picks to get top-notch quality.

  1. A-SUB Sublimation Paper
  2. Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

Pick any of these high-quality products and start your business today.

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