Can You Sublimate on Canvas? The Best Technique for Photo Canvas 2023

Sublimation comes in really handy when you want to create and print your designs on shirts or any polyester material. But, you may think about the possibility of sublimating to Canvas. It is easier than sublimating normal polyester products because you don’t have to worry about polyester spreading or ghosting.

Can You Sublimate on Canvas? 

Further in this article, you can get a clear perspective about sublimation printing on a Canvas and you can easily print out your designs at home. So, read till the end.

Things Required for Sublimating on Canvas

Before getting on to the procedure of sublimating onto Canvas, you need a certain set of things. These things include;

sublimation onto canvas

  • Sublimation Printer (Any sublimation printer you can use).
  • Sublimation Ink (HP sublimation ink is preferred).
  • Heat Press (can use an ordinary heat press).
  • Sublimation paper (Any sublimation paper you can get from your superstore).
  • Heat-resistant gloves (Acquire them to save your hands from certain burns).
  • Lint roller (Required to clean off the dirt from your Canvas).
  • Heat-resistant tape (This tape will keep your design from ghosting).
  • Artes Prix protective paper.
  • Canvas fabric (Any Canvas of your choice can go with it).
  • Clear Dye Sub HTV.
  • Scissors (To cut out your design according to the Canvas).
  • Paper trimmer.
  • Heat-resistant foam.
  • Pressing pillows, Scraper, Water, and Rag.

The procedure of Sublimating on a Canvas

1. Setting for a Photo Print


If your design has a photo in it, then you will need to adjust the printer. The easiest one is to use a flat canvas sublimation paper without any kind of frame canvas to avoid any mistakes and can get a splendid design print.

2. Addition of Clear Dye Sub HTV

sublimation on canvas with clear htv

To add Clear Dye-Sub, use the paper trimmer to cut the HTV according to the size of your Canvas. It is trimmed to avoid rough edges around the sublimated Canvas. Also, use the lint roller before applying the HTV to get rid of any dust on the Canvas.

3. Applying the Sublimation Print

 canvas for sublimation in heat press

To apply the print to your Canvas, first, cover it with sublimation paper and put heat-resistant tape on its edges. Now, pass it through the heat press and then apply heat-resistant foam and use the pressing pillows to restrict the design in one place.

4. Clear image quality through HTV

sublimation on canvas with htv

when you print out the design, now you can see that the texture and image quality with the Clear Dye Sub HTV is far better than the normal canvas. If you are thinking to start a business out of it, then using HTV becomes a necessity for you in sublimating on a canvas. Also, use a versatile heat press to get the desired image canvas material or cotton shirts.

5. Finishing the reverse Canvas

sublimate on canvas cutting extra edges

After getting done with the printing, you can observe that the design or image is spread massively going out of the frame. For that, grab a pair of scissors and start cutting the edges of the image until they are small enough to be covered by the sides of the frame. This will give the framed sublimated canvas material a professional and appealing look.

6. Finishing touches

finishing touch on canvas sublimation

When you’ve gone through all the steps regarding the sublimation on a canvas, you have to peel off the sublimation paper to get the final product from the heat press. At first, the design will turn out to be bad, but when you use a rag and water to clean the remains, the design will be even better than expected. You can then frame the printed canvas using hot glue or double-sided tape.

Why Use HTV?

You must be wondering why is it necessary to use HTV in fact You use HTV to increase the graphics visuality and quality of the design on the canvas. If you don’t use HTV, then the colors of your design may fade away immediately or the print could turn out to be B&W.

The only thing any user needs to keep in mind before going for Clear Dye Sub HTV in sublimation printing on canvas material is that you have to print the design in an inverted direction or else the design will print out in the reverse direction ruining it.

Why this Method for Sublimating on Canvas?

In my opinion, this method is much preferred over other methods like laminate printing or spray poly printing because they make the surface of the print look glossy and the Canvas loses its texture. When the Canvas losses its texture, it seems to be a fake image that is laminated after.

One of the other reasons for the preference of this method is that the materials and guide required are easily available to almost every person roaming the internet. You can get the tools necessary from the nearest store to your house. So, it is much more convenient and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canvas a polyester?

Canvas sublimation can be of various materials, but the ones being mass-produced and used nowadays are made out of polyester more or less. Polyester ones are preferred because they can be easily sublimated on a heat press and have a more cloth-like texture.

Can you sublimate on canvas shoes?

Anyone starting to sublimate on canvas struggles with this question. Well. Don’t worry, you can sublimate on canvas shoes provided the right set of tools.

The overall process is the same as that of the normal sublimation, but the things required must include canvas fabric sheets, a Cricut, and canvas fabric glue

Can you Sublimate on 100% cotton Canvas?

For sublimation, a product must have some fraction of polyester in it. When we see 100% cotton Canvas, it is made of 100% cotton.

So, if you want to sublimate on 100% cotton Canvas, you will have to cover it with polyester by either polymer sheets or you can also use a sublimation spray that puts some amount of polymers into the product.

How do you sublimate on a Canvas bag?

A Canvas bag has mostly Canvas, but it has some fraction of cotton as well. So, sublimating on a Canvas that has cotton in it can be a hassle. For that, you must cover it in a nice layer of polymers. So, you can use any means like polymer sheets or sublimation spray for that as per choice and you will sublimate your Canvas bag.


In conclusion, sublimation and printing on canvas are simple and effective ways to create beautiful decorations and gifts. People are always looking for such products, so such things are a great business outlook.

They are fascinated by local businesses that offer great quality at great prices. Many stores in the local market are looking for partnerships related to this store.

Whether hobby or business, sublimating onto canvas is a great way to show off your creativity and create beautiful works of art for you and others in your home, office, and other environments. So, get on to your canvas sublimation now, and don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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