Dye Sublimation On Aluminum Detailed Step By Step Method In 2022

Aluminum Sublimation

What is dye sublimation on aluminum? if you do not handle it properly for sublimation printing, no metal or aluminum will sublimate. When performed appropriately, dye sublimation on aluminum metal can yield several absolutely phenomenal outcomes.

Artists can develop one-of-a-kind artifacts that are stable and strong with sublimation. It is indeed a good alternative as well for people who intend to venture out from their regular sheet or canvas art creations. With each stage of the process, we will go through all the equipment needed, the methods to execute, and safety tips.

What Is Dye Sublimation On Aluminum?

A method called dye sublimation works by heating to embed pigments into an aluminum sheet. This makes it possible to transfer the pigment from the substrate surface to a finished product. For illustration, customized items consist of aluminum die-cutting and metal graphics. It works with polymer clay as well as other sheet-based materials, such as tinfoil.

The technique has been most applicable to the photo-quality customized printing of patterns onto aluminum sheets. The pigment does not dissipate or change color over age because it sublimates into the metals. The finished piece has a high-gloss surface that holds the imagery fresh for years. A completely electronic document can produce an endless number of pictures with sublimation.

Additionally, one of the most economical ways of creating customized aluminum goods is sublimation. Because it utilizes a printable methodology, utilizing digital printing sublimation pigments, companies could print image files directly onto metal surfaces using their present laserjet or inkjet printers. Both a matte and a shiny texture are accessible. A number of metal surfaces are suitable for the dye sublimation technique, from normal aluminum to brass, brass, stainless steel, as well as other components.

The Tools You Need For Color Sublimation On Aluminum

By using dye-sublimation, you can generate graphics on a large range of items. Burners and monitors are utilized. Also, there are a variety of materials available depending on the product you wish to print on. We have to go over the equipment necessary for imprinting on plastic containers, aluminum cans, and glasses and mugs. The material is require to sublimate on aluminum cans, mugs, cups, etc., is mentioned beneath.

Heat Press:

Since printing follows after the sublimation phase of printing, it is important to utilize a heat press. It is certainly necessary.

Sublimation Printer:

A sublimation inkjet printing machine is the most important requirement in this situation. Both the workplace and the residents can benefit from this technology. As the desire for printable items has expanded, the expense of these inkjet printers has decreased dramatically.

Sublimation Paper:

Sublimation paper makes it happens to produce and print any shade in the color chart. This kind of paper is indeed referred to as transfers or sublimation paper. Such as office paper, every graphic specified for employment on the paper may indeed be imprinted, including one with a unique emblem, a personal photograph, or just about any artwork.

Computing & RIP Software

RIP refers to “Raster Image Processor” as an abbreviation. Even not all printers have this capability, though it can be obtained independently. The necessity of software functionality with the inkjet printer is immeasurable. Take into account compatibility as a consequence.

Cutting Process:

we can use cutting equipment like something a knife or rotary blade for sublimation. A piece of stitching machinery would also have been necessary to hem the material. This is particularly essential when working with SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) panels.

Heat Resistant Gloves:

Because you will be operating with overheated metal in sublimation, you could perhaps always use heat-resistant gloves when handling to avoid traumatic injuries. These will safeguard you in the event of an incident. There is, first and primarily, the question of protection.

Sheets of aluminum:

Aluminum sheets of exceptional quality for sublimation are also necessary.

Procedure for Aluminum Dye Sublimation

    Consequently, the following procedure is to transmit color on metal pieces (specifically aluminum sheets):
    Scrub the anodized aluminum surfaces that would function as your printing sheet with soap and warm water until it becomes immaculately clean. Wash completely beneath hot, running water. Allow drying to conclude.
    Set your substrates (an aluminum sheet) on a cleaned, dried pressing towel, and then lay this sheet with your transferring graphic on it.
    The sublimation carrying sheet should now be carefully stripped away even when being gripped by all four corners. Use a solution such as acetone to gently break down the aluminum carrier if some pigment has still been sticking to the transport sheets. However, be mindful of the solvent’s emissions if you want to use the solvents.
    Let everything naturally calm down.
    Your artwork has now become able to transfer to your aluminum sheets and you can use it in any embellishing operation.

economic benefits:


Sublimation is a technology that aims to introduce pigments beneath the surface level. Since the coating is not scratchable or peeled off, it is much more resistant and durable to any damage than typical sheet and fabric imagery.


The repurposed aluminum is incredibly hard and durable, even though it is lighter and simple to mount. A panel spans 40 by 60 inches and features an aluminum floater backing weights approximately 13 pounds.


Aluminum that has already melted can withstand high temperatures. This accreditation is essential for artwork that exhibits in specified public and professional locations, and that corresponds with contemporary fire-rated standards.

What Type of Sublimation Ink Can Be Printed on Aluminum?

Use with specialized inkjet sublimation printers demands the use of special sublimation inks. Inks are preheated before even being retained in a liquid form, which enables them to penetrate through the aluminum’s fine layer of protecting covering. Only special inks will indeed be capable of accomplishing this. The kind of sublimation ink selected will rely on the proposed application. High-resolution printers operate well enough with watery inks. However, pretty wide head printers can also use solvent-type ink cartridges. Simply stated, aqueous pigments are available for large-scale designs and liquid inks for fairly small pieces.


Can You Sublimate On Aluminum?

Yes, we can sublimate Aluminum, hardboard, MDF, glass, and fiberboard. Also, it is fairly possible to Sublimate to polyester coating substances.

How long does it take to heat press the aluminum sheet?

It varies depending on the material that how many times we press the substrate, but for aluminum, it is generally somewhere around 90 and 120 seconds to heat transfer. As a result, the pigments can enter the surface of the metal more deeply and then last longer.

How can we use a dye sublimation design on an aluminum photo panel?

Simply upload the graphics you want to print because almost all of the materials suit dye sublimation printing.


In sum, a printing method called dye sublimation allows users to transfer graphics on a wide variety of substrates.  Aluminum is one such material that can be employed for advertising or even other exhibitions after just being covered with a durable finish. The company can benefit greatly from dye sublimation on aluminum. It will charge much less than conventional printing processes. It can imprint any shade desired with no ink restrictions, is much more durable and lasts much longer.

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