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Sublimation ink is a special type of ink developed only for the purpose of sublimation printing. Other than this, it does not have much use. Sublimation ink is the sole thing that makes the process of sublimation printing much more attractive and productive. 

You may wonder how many prints a single sublimation ink cartridge can produce. If so, then you are at the right place. Here, you will get to know what sublimation ink is and what things affect the number of prints per sublimation ink cartridge

how many prints can you get from sublimation ink

How many prints can you get from sublimation ink? The number of prints that a sublimation ink cartridge could produce depends on the amount and quality of the ink. Some inks can produce up to 500 prints per cartridge and some could produce as low as 50 prints. On average one cartridge could print about 200 prints.

Further in this article, you will get detailed insights into the sublimation ink and the prints they make. So, make sure that you read till the end and illuminate yourself with this knowledge.

What is Sublimation Ink?

“Sublimation Ink” also known as “Disperse Dye ink” is more of an ink specified only for sublimation printing. This is a type of ink that follows the chemical process of Sublimation to bond the particles of the ink and the fabric together under exposure to heat. It is a distinct and unique formula ink compatible only with sublimation printing.

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How Many Prints Can You Get From Sublimation Ink?

The number of prints that can be obtained from a cartridge of sublimation ink depends on various factors two of the most prominent are the quality of the sublimation ink and the printer.

This matters a lot because, if the quality of the sublimation ink is not good, then the sublimation printer will use a greater amount of ink and if the quality of the printer is not good, then it will surely make the ink bad and render it unable to be used.

Keeping such matters in view, the minimum amount of prints that can be produced with a single cartridge of sublimation ink, then it can produce about 50 prints. On the other hand, the maximum number of prints from a single cartridge of ink could add up to about 500 prints per cartridge.

Factors that Affect the Print Count Per Ink Cartridge

1. Quality of the Ink

The very first factor that affects the print count per ink cartridge is the quality of the ink. There are various kinds of sublimation inks available in the market and some of these kinds could be unsuitable for sublimation printing. 

This is because if the quality of the sublimation ink becomes bad, then the printer starts using excessive amounts of ink to meet the needed design print. So, the quality of the sublimation ink is of extreme importance regarding the print count per cartridge.

2. Imprint Coverage Area

The next factor that affects the number of prints per sublimation ink cartridge is the area covered by the design on the sublimation paper. This affects in a way that for larger designs, more ink is required to cover the whole design and for smaller ones, less ink is required. Such a factor deeply affects the average print count of sublimation printing because sometimes less ink is required and sometimes a great amount of ink is required.

3. Quality of the Printer

The next factor that affects the print count per sublimation ink cartridge is the quality of the printer. This is also a factor because the quality of the printer determines whether the sublimation ink will last as long as you want it to or if it will wear out before that. 

When the printer is of the best quality then it will use as less ink as possible and also take measures to preserve the unused ink for future prints. In this way, it determines the print count per ink cartridge as well.

4. Cost-Saving Strategies

Sublimation printing could be a costly method of printing in the starting, but with the flow of time, that cost gets recovered. Nonetheless, people try to save money even if they have to go for bad quality. In such cases, they get the equipment that is cost friendly for them, but it destroys the printing process of the sublimation. When this happens, the quality of ink and printer falls which will consequently decrease the print count.

how many prints can you get from sublimation ink

People also ask

The lasting period of a sublimation ink cartridge is never the same for every printer because of the quality of the printer matters. But, it is also right to say that leaving the ink unused for long periods even if the printer is of extreme quality, could be harmful to the ink. This is because the ink will start to change colors and it could also become drily and unable to be used by the printer. So, the most optimal period for the ink to last in the printer would be about six months.

No, you can not print regularly with the sublimation ink because first off, sublimation inks can not be used for regular printing. This is because they are developed for occasional printing purposes where designs are to be imprinted. Also, if you start using sublimation ink for regular printing, then your printer will go out of business quickly, and also the quality of your print will become worse and worse over time.

The starting cost of sublimation printing is very high as compared to vinyl, but in the long run, the profits made from sublimation printing recover this cost and could even be more profitable than vinyl. This is because the design color variety of sublimation is much better and in demand than the vinyl. But, in the end, the final costing ends up with the person using the methods.

No, you can not use a sublimation print more than once because the polymer-coated paper used for it can not be used once again because of the use of a heat press. This heat press bonds the ink to the polymer and another print can not be imprinted on it. So, never try to use the already sublimation print again for another one.

In conclusion, sublimation printing is a very great process of printing designs and profitable as well. The only thing that makes it such an amazing method of printing is its unique process and most of all, its sublimation ink. This ink is only specified for sublimation printing and is not recommended to be used for regular printing purposes. Also, the number of prints that could be produced with the sublimation ink is about 200 on average with 50 minimum and 500 maximum. So, if you are thinking of starting a sublimation printing business yourself, then it will be a very good thing to keep such factors in mind. Ultimately, the decision is completely up to you.

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