How To Bleach a Shirt For Sublimation? Easy Steps for a Beautiful Shirt


How To Bleach A Shirt For Sublimation?

We live in the modern era where everyone wants to look decent to others. Meanwhile, dressing gives us an awesome look and boosts our personality. So, if you do something extraordinary, you must learn how to bleach a shirt for sublimation. It’s a very interesting and splendid technique that makes your dress supreme and a great source of fun.

Generally, bleach removes the color from the clothes and gives them a super white and bright look. Unfortunately, bleaching the colorful dress damages the fiber and makes the dress useless. Therefore, you must bleach clothes made with cotton/linen. 65% of polyester and 25% of cotton clothes are appropriate for bleaching them for sublimation.

To bleach, dark shirts such as black shirts for sublimation give superb vibrant print and design. Dark backgrounds highlight the bright image and provide an alluring style that enchants the viewers.

How To Bleach A Shirt For Sublimation? so Are you ready to bleach your shirt for sublimation? If yes! Get ready to collect certain required materials and follow the procedure of bleaching the shirt by sublimation.

Required Material

T-shirt Bleach (Prefer to buy those that have high consistency)

Hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2- soln)

Spray bottle or paintbrush Cardboard/foam board Paper towel.

Gloves Procedure Ready

Your Shirt For BleachIng:

Use of Cardboard

First, you ready a shirt with cardboard or foam board. Place the cardboard/foam board inside the shirt so that bleach will not move toward the backside of the shirt. Place the shirt straight on the surface to remove all wrinkles.

Three Methods

There are different methods of bleaching shirt spray powder, spray bottle bleaching, and bleaching with a paintbrush.

Bleaching with Spray Powder

Take a spray bottle and fill it with non-diluted bleach. You spray on that area of the shirt where you will apply the design. Therefore, you must know the large surface area of the shirt you want to cover with the design.

After spraying, take a paper towel and swab it on the shirt to absorb the excess bleach on it. When the front portion of the shirt is completely dry, flip the shirt and apply a very small spray. It will be very useful because both sides of the shirt look to match and are gorgeous.

Spray Bottle Bleaching with a Cardboard:

Cut the cardboard in the shape in which you want to bleach the shirt. Place the cardboard on the shirt and cut it. Then, with the help of a spray bottle, apply the bleach at the edges.Then remove the cardboard and use bleach on the marked area. Once you have completed the spray, remove the excess bleach with a paper towel and balance it.

Bleaching With A Paintbrush

Another way of whitening the shirt is bleaching with a paintbrush. Take a container and insert your bleach inside it. Begin to apply the bleach on the shirt as you paint the wall. Then, swab the paper towel on the shirt to overcome the excess bleach from the shirt.

You check the shirt; if more need to be bleached, coat it again. Note: If you want to bleach some of the shirts and mask off the other portion, apply tape on that area. You prefer to spray the edge of the cloth with a spray bottle because it may need to be more perfectly done with the paintbrush.

Drying After bleaching the shirt, dry your shirt in the heat of the sun.  Place it for some time until it completely dries. Finish The Bleaching Process At the end of the process, wash your shirt with a mixture of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water. Put water and hydrogen peroxide in the container and dip the shirt.

Note: If you find any extra spots, you can remove them by applying hydrogen peroxide. Now, it’s time to use the sublimation design. You can make any sublimation design on it and can make your shirt super.

Bleach and sublimate the T-shirt Process

Making your own t-shirt is so much fun, and I will share this fun learning process with you by doing bleach and then sublimating a t-shirt. I have a red colored Gildan t-shirt. It has 60% POLYESTER AND 40% COTTON. My shirt has a high polyester count, so that image will last longer. I need a bleach solution, and I have it already.

I will put it in a spray bottle to bleach the shirt. Take a cardboard piece according to the shirt size and put it inside it so the back part of the shirt will not damage. Apply bleach spray onto the desired shirt area where I want it to be and completely cover the sleeves. In fact, I have two different designs on sublimation papers to sublimate the fabric one is for my front area, and the other is for printing the sleeves. Keep it under the sun; it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to completely dry.

Use hydrogen peroxide on the specific bleached area of the shirt to stop the bleaching process. After that, wash the shirt using a little detergent powder and dry it.

Sublimation Process

Things required for sublimation

Sublimation printer

sublimation paper

teflon sheet

heat resistant tape

heat tape

Heat press machine

The Process

Place the shirt in a heat press and press it for a few seconds to dry out extra moisture. Take one piece of Teflon sheet paper and put it inside the shirt. This will help ink not bleeds from the front to the back. Place the image paper print having face down on the bleached area of the shirt which I got from my Epson et-15000 sublimation printer and put two pieces of tape to fix the image with the t-shirt.

Place the shirt in the heat press again, put another piece of Teflon sheet over the shirt and press the image at 385 degrees for 60 seconds. When the time is up, lift the Teflon sheet, remove the tape from the shirt, and the design has been beautifully sublimated. Now I will sublimate the sleeves my another paper print applying the same process .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bleach my cotton shirt?

Because bleach can make holes in the cotton shirt, thus, it’s more likely to damage your sweater. So, avoid bleaching your cotton shirt. Can you bleach after the sublimation process? Yes, you can also whiten your shirts after the sublimation process. But it will give you a worn-out look. However, your shirt will look more beautiful if you bleach it before the sublimation process. Do I wash the sweater without drying it? You can cleanse your shirt without drying it, but it depends on the color you will obtain. How long is bleach left on the shirt? People need help to answer this question. It depends on the color and the way you bleach the sweater.


I have discussed the three finest methods of how to bleach a shirt for sublimation? All of them are quite easy, and anyone can easily do them at home. You follow certain guidelines and ready your shirt for sublimation. For more queries, you can ask in the comment section. I’m waiting for your feedback. Be connected with me for more wonderful ideas.


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