How to Convert Epson Printer to Sublimation? Easy Method


Recently I bought an Epson Eco Tank ET-4800 that I needed to convert into a sublimation printer. For this purpose, I used the Hiipoo Sublimation Ink, which includes CMYK inks and other relevant items. Before explaining, let’s take a quick look at how to convert Epson printer to sublimation. 

  • Get your Epson printer and sublimation inks ready. 
  • Open the Epson printer ink box, and put sublimation inks in ink bottles. 
  • Load the ink into the printer. 
  • Power ON your printer and start charging the inks. 
  • On your computer, set the sublimation preferences. 

That’s all you need to do, and your normal Epson printer will be changed into a sublimation printer. If you feel these quick steps are confusing, don’t worry; here in this article, I’ll walk you through all this with a step-by-step guide. In addition, I’ll guide you on what mistakes to avoid since I’ve made them myself and have faced many problems. 

How to Convert Epson Printer to Sublimation? A Step-by-step Guide

can you convert a used printer to sublimation

Before starting the process, make sure you get all the items because, at the time, it feels so hectic to keep finding the necessary items. You need this material

  • A mat for placing the printer. 
  • One Epson printer. 
  • Sublimation ink. 

What Sublimation Ink is Recommended?

hippo sublimation ink

I recommend you get the Hiipoo Sublimation Ink to save you time. This ink leaves vibrant colors on the print that gives a realistic feel. Moreover, they are super easy to put into the printer tanks because they have a special tip. So, no need to buy buying needles and syringes.  

Unboxing the Printer

Almost all Epson printers come with this list of items. 

  • An instruction manual
  • CD-ROM driver
  • One power cord
  • 4 CMYK Pigment inks. 

How Much Time does it take To Convert Epson Printer Into Sublimation?

It took me around 15 minutes to convert my Epson printer. However, a beginner should perform this process more carefully and maybe, it can take up to 30 minutes for this process. 

Step to Follow: Let’s Covert an Epson Printer into Sublimation 

  1. Set Up your Epson Printer

As I told you, all Epson Printers have an instruction manual that tells you how to set it up so, you can set up the printer with your phone or laptop by following the guide. Make sure your Epson printer is capable of working with sublimation ink because not all Epson printers have the capability of converting into sublimation. You can check it online by putting the model no of the printer you want to convert to sublimation.

Disclaimer: While following the instructions, ensure you don’t fill your ink tanks, as we want to make it a sublimation printer. So we won’t use the traditional pigment inks for this printer. 

   2. Open the Ink Tanks Panel

  1. Buy Correct Sublimation Ink:
  2. After checking the compatibility of the sublimation printer with sublimation ink, purchase suitable ink for your printer model. It is important to select the right sublimation ink for desired results.
  3. Open the Ink Tanks Panel 

On the right-front side, you can see the ink compartment, just open it, and you’ll see four different color ink bottles. These are called CMYK colors like

  • C: Cyan
  • M: Magenta 
  • Y: Yellow
  • K: Key (Black)

  3. Add Sublimation Ink into Printer Bottles 

The Hippoo sublimation inks come with a convenient EcoFill cap that makes inserting ink into the bottle easier. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions guide for installation.

Safety Precaution 

Please make sure you open all the bottle caps one by one. This will save you time from messing up with the bottles. As well as keep the process aligned. 

  • Start from your Right Side bottle of Cyan. 
  • Lift the tank lid upside.
  • Open your sublimation ink cap. 
  • Put the sublimation nozzle in the printer tank hole. 
  • Please don’t press it because the printer’s gravity automatically squeezes all the ink. 
  • You can see how much ink is filled from the front side. Once the tank is filled, it will automatically stop getting more ink. 
  • Pull off the sublimation ink gently, and close the tank cap. 
  • Repeat the same for all the ink tanks. 

  4. Adjust the Printer Setting

You may need to fix your printer settings to ensure ideal printing quality. Set the printer resolution and color setting according to the sublimation paper you want to print on. The more you use high-quality sublimation paper, the better it will be for your printing project.

  5. Please test it Out

Once you finish all the processes, checking the ink flow and color accuracy is good. After this, do a test print on regular paper and follow the on-screen instructions to get your first sublimation print. 

You can also check my guide on what to do with a sublimation printer. 

Mistakes to Avoid Before Adding Sublimation Ink to a Printer

  1. Please do not shake or squeeze the bottle before adding it to the ink tanks. 
  2. Keep the sublimation inks at optimal temperature.
  3. Pull the ink off if you think it is stuck and not going into the tank. Please put it on the table and wait for 2 minutes. Then try again.  
  4. Only fill the ink below the cap, do not let it come at the cap level, as it can fall out. 
  5. After filling the ink tanks, let the ink sit completely before testing it. Wait for at least 2 minutes. 

What Epson Printers Can Be Used for Sublimation?

A wide range of Epson printers can easily modify for sublimation. You can check the available list of Epson printers in the market that are easily convertible to sublimation as well. 

  • All Eco Tank Printers are capable of converting into sublimation printers. 
  • WorkForce Pro WF-7310 and EC-C7000 are also sublimation compatible. 
  • Epson XP-6100 and XP-5100.
  • Epson Model No. F170  and F570 are also easy to convert in a sublimation printer. 
  • The EcoTank ET-15000 can be converted for sublimation.
  • Some other Printers can be used for sublimation

For detailed information, you can check this post on what printers can be used for sublimation

Can You Convert a Used Epson Printer to Sublimation?

Yes, you can use a used Epson printer for sublimation. You only need to clean the previously used ink tanks. Then change the pigment ink with the sublimation ink by following the above method. 

How to Know if Your Printer Supports Sublimation?

The Printers having the Micro Piezo printing head can easily use for sublimation. Normally all Epson printers are integrated with this technology. Almost all printers with this technology contain a chamber for storing ink.

Moreover, every process has pros and cons in sublimation printing. Before switching, consider some of the main advantages and disadvantages:


    1. Versatility: Sublimation printing is a versatile process as you can print on various surfaces like metal, wood polyester, fabric, glass, and many more.
    2. Durability: Sublimation ink is specially designed to produce eye-catchy, vibrant, and long-lasting printing on different sublimation blanks
    3. Cost-effective: The sublimation process involves inexpensive materials like sublimation ink and paper that are inexpensive compared to other printing methods, such as screen printing or DTF printing.
    4. Quality printing: Sharp and vibrant color prints are printed with high resolution.


  1. Minimal substrate options: Sublimation printing does well only with the polyester-type substrate so there are no wide printing options.
  2. Requires special ink and paper: Sublimation paper and ink are more expensive than regular ink and paper that’s why they are not commonly available in the market.
  3. Learning Skill: Sublimation printing is a skill and it requires some practical experience to correctly transfer the image onto any blank. You’ll need to know about its basic material and learn the adjustment of your printer settings

Modifying your printer to sublimation can be a great option if you want economical, versatile, and quality printing. However, it’s necessary to consider the limitations and requirements before switching.


By following the above guide now you can convert the Epson printer to sublimation. After that, you can use your printer for making different kinds of sublimation designs. Whether use it for tumbler sublimation or try out sublimation on cotton t-shirts, everything is possible. 

Please ensure you follow the safety guidelines throughout the whole process. I used Hippoo sublimation ink because it requires less effort, yet they are safe to use, as they don’t require needles and syringes. 

In the end, if you find this method helpful, Let me know by commenting with your thoughts. 

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