How To Do Sublimation On Dark Shirts? The Best Technique Without Bleach

How To Do Sublimation On Dark Shirts?

Sublimation on a dark T-shirt is not common yet. Many of us are still unaware of the technique of sublimation on a dark fabric. We all think that sublimation on any dark fabric is not possible. But actually, it’s not a difficult task anymore. You are on the right blog if you are also excited to get sublimation on your new black T-shirt.

how to do sublimation on dark shirts without bleach

So, how to sublimate on dark shirts? The best technique to sublimate a design on a black T-shirt is to sublimate with clear sublimation htv.

This article will teach you the whole process of how to do sublimation on black T-shirts. Stay connected till the end to learn the process step by step. So, without any further ado let’s get straight into the article.

Sublimation with clear sublimation HTV

As we all believe that sublimation on a black or any dark fabric is not possible. If we sublimate any design on a dark fabric first we need to create a white under base. So, following this process we will create a white layer before sublimation on a dark or black T-shirt.

We can sublimate a design on a black T-shirt by using a sublimation paper along with sublimation clear htv on 100% cotton. In this process, we will create a white base with a sublimation clear htv sheet and then sublimate the design onto it.

The result of this method is great because the washability and sustainability of the design are also durable.

How to Sublimate On Dark Shirts Without Bleach – An Ultimate Guide

Now it’s time to start the actual process. I will explain all the steps one by one. Before I start following the steps first I need to collect the material required for sublimation on a black T-shirt.

Material required for sublimation

  • Clear Sublimation HTV 
  • Sublimation printer
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Sublimation ink
  • Cricut machine
  • Lint Roller
  • Butcher Paper
  • Fabric or T-shirt to sublimate on 
  • Heat resistant Gloves

How To Sublimate On A Dark T-Shirt: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1:- Create or select the image

design to sublimate on htv vinyl

First of all, you need to select any image that you want to sublimate on your black T-shirt. You will have to prepare three same designs one for printing on the sublimation clear sublimation htv sheet and 2nd one on the white sheet for printing cut and a third for sublimation paper with your selected colors to sublimate the design.  Go to any website and download the image to your device. Do some simple changes in the image if needed. You can adjust the size of the image according to the size of the shirt.

final design for htc vinyl sublimation

You may need some color adjustments to the image before the sublimation. Set the print settings with high pixels and mirror your image. But if you don’t like any picture you can create your own desired image. To create your design install any software like CorelDraw or IIIustrator.

Step 2:- Cut the image with the Cricut machine

cut the design on Cricut machine

For printing cut on white htv you have to cut the design on a Cricut machine and repeat the same process on a clear sublimation HTV sheet and sublimation paper.

Step 3:- Prepare the shirt surface

prepare shirt for htv vinyl sublimation

Smooth the shirt surface where you have to print the design. Pre-press the area for 5-10 seconds to prepare the surface for the design.

Step 4. Transfer the White Base

sublimation with vinyl sheet

Selecting the right printing sides on clear sublimation htv is essential. If you choose the wrong side it can ruin the design. There are two sides of vinyl one is shiny and the other is matte(rough) side. You have to print the design on the matte side

Do not transfer the design to the shiny side of the vinyl. Carefully examine the side before you put the vinyl into the printer because the shiny side cannot hold the ink.  

Place the shirt in the heat press machine first, and prepare a white layer of the cut design onto the shirt with heat and press then place the clear sublimation htv sheet over this white layer and set your heat press machine for 392 Fahrenheit, and press for 20 seconds after that remove the htv sheet let it cool.

Step 5:- Transfer the design on the shirt

how to do sublimation on dark t-shirts

Here is the most exciting step of the whole process put the sublimation paper cut design over the clear sublimation htv white base and cover it with a piece of butcher paper then press the machine for about 45 seconds at 392 Fahrenheit now, slowly but immediately remove the sublimation paper. 

sublimation on black shirt

you will be amazed to see the color release from the sublimation paper to htv as it is completely out of there. Once it is cold your Black T-shirt is ready to wear.

Common Products That Work Best For The Dark Color Shirt Sublimation

With the increasing demand for sublimation on dark fabric. Various companies are trying to introduce the best product for the sublimation of dark materials.

Here is a list of some best products you can use for the sublimation of dark fabric

Siser Glitter HTV 

This is the most popular product used for the sublimation of dark fabric. Siser Glitter HTV is a very useful product due to its high durable quality. It goes long-lasting even after 19-20 washes. The sublimated print still looks bright and shiny.

B-Flex Glitter HTV 

This product is not as good as the Glitter HTV (quality-wise). The plus point of this product is the variety of colors and Glitter styles it provides. B-Flex Glitter HTV comes in 10 colors and is liked by people who prefer a variety of styles over quality. 

Subli Flock 

It is another useful sublimation product for dark fabric. This product gives an amazing colorful design. But the minus point of Subli Flock is its less durability. The design printed with this product doesn’t last for a long time. If you wash it more than 10 times you will feel clear cracks on the design.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the best sublimation paper for dark shirts?

For dark shirt printing always look for sublimation paper which has an instant transfer rate to sublimate your customized designs almost on all kinds of products. The thickness of a sublimation paper provides excellent results on any blank so you must consider these things when choosing the best sublimation paper for dark shirts. A-SUB sublimation paper for dark shirts, PRINTERS JACK and HTVRONT sublimation paper have good characteristics for dark color fabric sublimation.

Sublimation on a black T-shirt is not popular among people. Because people still consider that sublimation on colored shirts is not easy. Some people sublimate the designs on dark fabric by using white under the base of the fabric before transferring the design. But the design by using this method doesn’t last for a long time. Thanks to heat transfer make the sublimation easier and more durable even on a black T-shirt. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and you must be excited to sublimate your own black T-shirt.
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