How to Make Poly Spray for Sublimation? Print your Cotton Shirt

The textile and promotional product industries increasingly turn to sublimation printing for its vibrant colors, durability, and versatility. Using the right sublimation tools and techniques to achieve high-quality prints is crucial. A poly spray is one tool that has revolutionized sublimation, especially for cotton fabric. So, How to Make Poly Spray for Sublimation? It’s available in the market, but you can easily make it yourself. Let’s explore the world of poly spray, discover how to make it, and find its numerous benefits.


The process of sublimation printing involves the conversion of a solid dye into a gas state without passing through the liquid. As a result, the dye permeates the fabric and becomes permanent, resulting in vivid, long-lasting prints. This specially formulated sublimation mixture enhances the process, resulting in nice colour saturation, sharper details, and improved washability.

Understanding Poly spray

How to Make Poly Spray for Sublimation?

Apart from traditional sublimation methods, the poly spray enhances the sublimation process with its essential blend of components. Like a facilitator, it efficiently promotes faster dye transfer. Polyspray ensures instant colour penetration into the fabric fibres producing prints that are resistive to fading and washing.

 How to Make Poly Spray for Sublimation? (The Ingredients)

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To make this solution, you must buy a few items and supplies to make a poly spray for sublimation. Here’s a general guideline to help you create a poly spray solution Ingredients and Supplies:

  1. Distilled water
  2. Polyester resin (poly spray)
  3. Spray bottle
  4. Measuring cup
  5. Stirring utensil (spoon or stir stick)

Sublimation Spray recipe with proper Instructions

How to make Polycrylic Spray for sublimation?

distilled water for making poly spray
  1. Before starting, make sure the working area should be airy.
  2. Measure the desired amount of distilled water. Here I am using 8 ounces of distilled water in the spray bottle. The ratio of the water may vary according to brand or product instructions.
  3. Use two tablespoons of polyacrylic in the spray bottle.
  4. Tightly close the spray bottle cap and shake the mixture well to thoroughly combine the poly spray and other ingredients. This will help prevent bunching or settling.
  5. If you see any air bulbs in the spray, let it set for a few minutes, and before use, again gently shake it well for proper consistency.

Your poly spray solution is now ready to be used for sublimation.

How to fix some common Issues

Here are some important tips when working with a poly spray for sublimation.

  1. First, check the compatibility of the spray and give a test along with the sublimation ink and product. Sometimes we have to work on larger projects, so always check the harmony of the spray with your other material because some combinations do not work well with other things.
  2. Always test the quality and result of the poly spray before applying it to your business projects or original sublimation items because some brands recommend different ratios and application methods for different materials.
  3. Suppose you have uneven colour-changing issues that are likely due to mixing the poly spray mixture. So, before applying it to the product, check for any blockage of the spraying bottle.
  4. Please ensure the cleanliness of the blank, as it must be clear from dust, wetness, or any other damage on the product’s surface. Resulting in a bad experience. The poly spray penetrates well in those materials which have proper surface preparation.
  5. Manufacturer instructions are important in understanding the mixing ratios and application techniques, so read them carefully before starting.
  6. Sufficient drying time allows the poly spray to merge into the fabric cells completely or whatever product you are using. So if you find fading and washed-out prints, extend the drying and curing times.
  7. When you have done the process, clean the spray nozzle of the spray bottle with clean water every time to prevent blockage or clogging.
  8. Keep the spray clean and cool, avoiding sunlight to maximize its usage.
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