How To Print Double-Sided On Google Docs/ Printing Hacks

This comprehensive guide will show you how to print double-sided on Google Docs to save money on printing papers and be more eco-friendly.

Some printers, known as duplex printers, are proficient enough to print on both sides of the page automatically. For them, you have to choose the two-sided printing option in Google Docs print options. The printer will turn the papers automatically, so you’re ready.

However, some printers (Manual printers) need users to manually flip the pages in an even/ odd manner to print double-sided, as they lack the feature of automatic printing. 

Nevertheless, both types of printers support double-sided printing on Google Docs by following two techniques shared in this article.  

2 ways to Print Double-sided on Google Docs

Method 1: Double Sided duplex printing

These printers operate by printing all the odd sides first. After that, they automatically turn the pages so that all the even sides of the sheet are printed. Double-sided printing is far more practical and feasible when your printer is a duplex.  

Step 1: Launch your Google Docs file.

how to print double-sided on google sheets


Start by opening the Google Docs file you want to print. A pre-existing document, a brand-new blank document, or one of the many templates in the gallery are all options.

Step 2: Select the File tab.

google docs method


On your screen, the File tab is in the upper left corner. It’s the first item on your toolbar. To access the File menu, click it.

Step 3: Select Print from the menu.

print option on google docs

You can locate the “Print” option at the last of the File menu.  Once the print window appears, you can change the settings and set them to your preference. 

You can alternatively hit Control + P (or Command + P if you’re a Mac user) to launch the print window instead of performing the first two steps. This keyboard shortcut will save you time. Thus, it is preferable to use it.

Step 4: To access the double-sided printing option, Select “More settings.”


how to take print on google docs

You will now see some of the listed settings on the print window, named “Color” and “destination”. The “More settings” option is located under that section. To discover the option to print double-sided, click “More settings”.

Step 5: Select the “Two-sided” option and check the box.

both sided printing option

Here you can see the “Scale” option. Under this option, you can see your required” “Two-sided” option for double-sided printing.  You have to check the box against the print double-sided printing option.

As soon as you check the box, a drop-down menu will appear showing two more options. 

  1. Flip on the long edge
  2. Flip on the short edge

The printer will start printing from the longer edge of the paper if you select flip on the long edge.

For instance, while reading a newspaper, you flip pages on the long edge of the paper.

While the printer will start printing from the shorter edge if you select flip on a short edge. 

For instance, when you open your notepad, you flip it from the shorter edge.

How to decide between these two possibilities? 

If you want to print in portrait mode, select “Flip on long edge”. Select the “Flip on short edge” mode for the landscape mode.

Step 6: Print using the system dialog (Optional)

When you explore the “More setting” option, you will find “Print using system dialogue” at the end. When you select this option, your system will prompt you to start a new window. In this box, you can alter the print settings. 

Click the “Preference” option to modify your double-sided Google Docs print preferences. Through this method, you can personalize your printing to your liking. You can skip this section, though, if you’re OK with the options Google Docs provides by default.

Step 7: Select Print.


Click “Print” when you have customized the print settings to your liking. One helpful suggestion is to check the generated preview from Google Docs to ensure you’ve made the appropriate selections.

Method 2: Double-sided Manual Printers 

Even if your printer is manual, you can print a double-sided Google Doc by following the duplex printing method. There is only 1 small extra step needed. The remaining steps are all the same. First, open your Google Docs file. At the top left of your screen, select the File tab.

Step 1: Menu

Select Print from the menu on your manual printer. The keyboard shortcut Control + P (or Command + P) can also open this window.

Step 2: Fill out the “Pages” option with odd page numbers.

Here you have to select what pages of your doc you want to get printed off. The “Pages” option in the print window will help you do this. For example, you can print all the even pages first if you want the double-sided print in duplex printing.

To do this, select the ‘Custom’ option by clicking on the ‘All’ option. Next, only insert even page numbers (e.g., 2, 4, 6, 8). Using the system dialogue is another option to finish this step. To access this, select “More settings” from the menu below “Color.” 

You can locate “Print using system dialog” at the end of the window. Select “Preferences” and modify the page range in a new dialogue box that appears when you click the above option.

Step 3: Select Print.

Click the Print button, after you have made your preferences and selected the settings you want for printing double-sided on a google docs document. however, it’s recommended to do a print preview.  

Step 4: Insert the paper stack into your printer.

Now flip the stack of even printed papers in your printer as It’s time to print all the odd pages.

Step 5: Reopen the print window and select even pages this time.

After that, reopen the print window by pressing Control or Command + P. Set the ‘Pages’ option again with all of the odd page numbers now (either in the system dialogue box or  Google Docs window).

Step 6: Select Print.

Click Print to print your document’s remaining pages. You don’t need to choose the “Two-sided” option in the print options when printing on both sides of a page with a manual duplex printer

This is since each time you print on a google docs document, you only print on one side of the page, making this step unnecessary. Please keep your eyes on the print preview on your manual printer so that the double-sided print option results in a better result.

Final Words!
Conclusion Double-sided printing refers to when we want to print our Google Documents on both sides of the paper. It differs from single-sided printing, where only one side of the paper is printed, leaving the other entirely blank. Printing on both sides of a page is beneficial because it lowers your costs: Additionally, environmentally friendly, as less paper waste would be produced.

Many other forms of documents, including books and newspapers, are printed according to this standard. These factors make double-sided printing the standard preference over one-sided printing. Now there is no problem in printing double-sided with Google Docs; either you have a duplex or manual printer. Both the techniques mentioned above help you in printing depending on the type of duplex printer you have. We appreciate you reading this article, and we hope it was helpful.


People also ask

Why can’t I print double-sided in Google Docs?

Google Docs does not, by default, have the option available unless you connect your device to a working duplex printer. If the duplex printers can perform printing after that, the option will show up under the “More choices” menu. 

Does Google Docs have a double-printing option?

You may edit, manage, and create word processing and office documents using the free online Google Docs service from a web browser. Using the built-in printing capabilities of your Web browser, you can print documents from Google Docs. You can further manage the printing process by going to your printer’s settings before taking the prints out. This allows you to print multi-page documents on both sides to save paper.

How to print double-sided on Google Docs 2022?

Using the built-in printing capabilities of your Web browser, you can print documents from Google Docs. You can further manage the printing process by going to your duplex printer settings before it starts printing. 

How to print double-sided on Google Docs on a Mac?

  1. From the Google Docs menu, select File, and then (Or press the command + P to print.)
  2. Next to the Copies, select the Two-Sided checkbox.
  3. Select Print.


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