How To Print Stickers On Printer? Print Great Custom Stickers at Home

Stickers do a great job at advertising a certain thing. Sometimes, they even prove to be more useful and effective as compared to your online advertisement. If you are not looking to print stickers for advertisement, you can also use your creativity to design your home accessories.

How To Print Stickers On Printer of different sizes

How to print stickers on printer? To print stickers using a printer, you will first need to acquire the glossy sticker paper on which you will print. For that, vinyl paper works best. The second thing that you will need is a paper cutter that you will use to cut the desired part of the printed sticker and lastly, you will need a printer to print quality sticker designs on paper.

Further ahead in this article, you will get a detailed idea about printing your multiple stickers using a printer. So, stick till the end.

Things required to print stickers

Everything requires a handful of tools to get the task done. The same goes for sticker printing. There are a few things that are a compulsion if you want to get your stickers printed smoothly and effectively. Let’s get right into it then;

1. Design Software:

The first thing you will need to print your stickers using design software through which you will create the stunning sticker design. For that, the most effective and popular ones would be the products of Adobe which include, Photoshop, and Illustrator; but you can also use Microsoft Word for designing purposes.

You can also use other designing software like CorelDRAW. The choice is completely up to you. So, choose wisely.

2. Suitable Paper:

You should always look for sticker paper that suits your needs effectively. You can choose from a variety of papers; but, the best one to use for stickers would be vinyl paper.

Vinyl paper is optimal because it is water-resistant and you can imprint it on letter-sized sheets. So, printing vinyl stickers are the best recommendation for sticker printing.

3. Printer:

When it comes to printing stickers, a printer is the most crucial part because without it you can not print a sticker. Some of the best printers available in the market for sticker printing are brands like Brother, Canon, HP, etc. So, choose carefully between the sticker printers and keep the features all in mind. 

Moreover, for making stickers at home, a printer head should be able to print custom labels for each different paper. So, when you write text on a single sheet it prints the correct side.

4. Cutting tools:

In the end, you will need to cut out the portion of the sticker you want to keep and ward off the remaining. For that, you will require cutting tools like a pair of scissors, a transparent paper cutter, and things like that.

So, always keep such things beforehand to save yourself from a lot of trouble later. Also, do photo paper cutting on flat surfaces so that you get better colorful stickers at home.

Process Of How To Print Stickers On Printer?

Once you have acquired all the necessary things, you can get on with the process of sticker printing. Keep in mind that you will have to follow the procedure carefully because even a slight mistake could cause your sticker to turn out badly. The process will be;

1. Getting a design ready:

To make your sticker intriguing and attractive, you will have to make a design that uniquely showcases creativity. For that, let your imaginations run wild. You can use any kind of graphic design software, and also use a graphics tablet to form your designs by hand with much more accuracy and precision.

2. Ink choice:

You should choose ink after creating your design according to the printer type. Ink will play an important role in making your design attractive and interesting. If the ink is lacking in any matter, then your sticker will not print out as you intended it to. So, keep that in mind for extra protection.

The most optimal ink is provided by HP without a doubt. Those inks are durable for outdoor use and are also economy friendly as compared to other ones in the market.

3. Printer setup:

The next thing you need to do is to set your printer up for the best possible sticker quality. You will not want to ruin the design on your sticker just because of the printer’s low settings. So, always go for the highest settings available for the printer.

4. Drying:

When you get a print-out of your own stickers, leave them for about 20 to 30 minutes because the ink takes some time to firmly attach to the sticker paper and it needs some time to dry. Otherwise, the design will spread into each other and it will be a complete waste. So, watch out for that.

5. Paper and printer compatibility:

Sometimes, the printer and the sticker paper are not compatible with each other and this issue can hinder your overall sticker printing process. The issue can be in any form, thick paper, damaged ink, etc. So, always check for the compatibility of your printer beforehand to avoid trouble.

What is the Right Paper for DIY Stickers

Depending on the DIY project you’ll be completing, there are a few different types of paper you can use for your own stickers. 

  • Adhesive Vinyl stickers
  • Silhouette Sticker Paper
  • Laser Printer Labels
  • Inkjet sticker paper
  • Paper Stickers

Adhesive Vinyl

If you’re looking for durable print custom stickers that can withstand being outside or in the elements, then weather-resistant vinyl stickers are the best option. This type of paper is also great for fridge magnets or car decals. This is a great option if you want your stickers to be durable and waterproof. 

Silhouette Sticker Paper

Silhouette sticker paper is a type of paper that can be used with a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait cutting machine to print custom stickers, labels, and decals. This paper is available in both clear and white versions, and you can print it easily using an inkjet printer or laser printer.


The Silhouette sticker papers have a special adhesive that allows them to be removed and repositioned without leaving any residue behind, making them perfect for crafting projects.

Laser Printer Labels

A laser printer is a good option for those who want to print their custom stickers easily and remove them without any hassle. However, you need to make sure that the paper used can be printed on a laser printer or it may result in unreadable label paper.

Inkjet sticker paper 

Inkjet sticker paper is a type of label that is designed to be used with an inkjet printer. You can find them in multiple sizes and shapes in both vinyl and paper. 

Paper Stickers

Paper stickers are a great option for easy-to-print-and-cut stickers. This paper is often used for product labels since it doesn’t obscure the packaging. Further, they are used for printing labeling, and advertisement. It is also used for making bumper stickers, labels, and name tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you print stickers on a normal printer?

Generally, you can only use multi-purpose printers to print stickers, but in special cases, you can also use normal printers that are compatible with sticker paper. If you are willing to save money by using a normal printer, you can print stickers using vinyl paper compatible with your printer. But, it is recommended to use multi-purpose printers for sticker printing.

2. What printer setting should I use for sticker paper?

Printers come with a vast choice of settings that a user can use. You should always go for the normal printer settings if you are looking for the best possible output. But, if you are finding a performance-friendly setting, you should go for medium-sized paper with other settings at default. They prove to be best for the performance of a printer while printing stickers. However, if you are using vinyl paper you can set the printer at a glossy or matte photo paper setting.

3. Can HP printers print stickers?

HP printers are built for multi-purpose document printing. Their laser or inkjet printers can handle sticker printing effectively and efficiently. You can print stickers even sitting at home using them. Moreover, HP printers are the most in-demand multi-purpose printers in the market currently.


In conclusion, to print stickers, you will need sticker paper, scissors or a cutting blade, and an inkjet printer. The most important thing to remember when printing stickers is to adjust the settings on your printer so that it prints at the correct size and quality also, make sure to use Microsoft Word or any other design software that can be used for better designing. After you have printed your stickers, they will need to be cut out. You can use scissors or a cutting blade to do this. I hope now you understand everything about how to print stickers on the printer. By following these simple steps and using the right materials, you can create beautiful, high-quality stickers that will help promote your business or organization. 

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