How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt? 6 helpful Working Methods

We all love our clothes. Some of these attires are so precious to us that we cannot think of staining them, let alone lose or damage them in some way or the other. Imagine yourself wearing your favorite shirt to your workplace when the employer asks you to get some prints, and then, accidentally you stain your favorite piece of clothing with ink. Not just any ink, but sublimation ink from the inkjet printer! 

how to remove sublimation ink from shirt

That does sound horrible, Now you think about how to remove sublimation ink from shirt? as the stain is much more prominent than the normal fountain pen ink, and that`s because the inkjet printers use sublimation ink. It is the same ink that is used for the screen printing process and is very stubborn. Sometimes, we like to buy sublimated shirts that have pictures on them, printed with the help of a screen printing process. After a few washes, the ink starts to stain the rest of the fabric. These marks are not easy to remove, as sublimation ink is not ordinary. 

But this blog post will cover all the essential steps to remove sublimation ink from shirts. If, you want to learn the easy yet cost-effective methods then read till the end. 

Sublimation Ink Theory 

There are reasons why we use the best sublimation inks in the printing process, despite it being stubborn and difficult to remove. It is preferable for the screen printing process because its advantages are unmatchable by the other inks. People consider it the best ink for the transfer process. At times, T-shirts are used for the transfer process, which, does not end successfully at all times. At times, the shirts are left with just a blot of ink, instead of the design that was intended. 

All these advantages are fine, but when we talk about can you remove sublimation ink from shirt? we must keep in mind that there are certain limitations to the use of this ink. There are rules that must be followed. If not, the results can be horrible. 

This ink is made up of little particles, which are heated above 100 degrees so that they are merged together through a process called transfer of heat with your garment. Once the process is done, the ink becomes much stubborn and remains in your clothing. 

These little particles of sublimation ink are not exactly of a soluble nature, which is why it settles deep in the fabric of the shirt, refusing to let go of its place. Hence, it can be very difficult to remove them completely. And this is where most clothes go wrong.

How to Remove Sublimation Ink from Shirt?

can you get sublimation ink out of a shirt? Sublimation ink is not ordinary ink, hence, it cannot be washed away by putting the damaged shirt into a washing machine or handing it over to a dry cleaner. It has to be dealt with technically. Here are some ways which can be used to remove sublimation ink from shirts without leaving a stain or a trace.

1. Cold Water Method

can you remove sublimation ink rom shirt?

One of the most tried ways in the world is using cold water to erase stains of sublimation ink from a shirt. People soak the shirt in cold water for hours. This can actually work for freshly stained shirts, but it is not a process that can be used all the time. The ink freezes because of the cold water, and then leave the stained fabric easily, therefore, the colder the better. You can also try to put some ice cubes. 

2. Soda Treatment Method

One home remedy for removing sublimation ink from shirts is to make a soda solution at home and then soak the shirt in it. Mix 1 part of water with 6 parts of soda. The calculation does the trick as the soda effect has to be intense because of its proportion in the water. The solution has to be stirred thoroughly before dipping the stained shirt in. Leave it to sit for an hour, and then repeat the stirring. After a good two-hour dip, you will find the stain gone for good. 

3. Bleaching Treatment Method

how to remove sublimation ink from shirt?

Will bleach remove sublimation ink? bleach is a part and parcel of every home these days. It is used in many cleaning and sanitation processes. One can`t imagine cleaning the house without the presence of bleach. Bleaching agents can also be used to remove the stains of sublimation ink from shirts. It is considered one of the best methods. 

Simply, spread bleaching powder directly on the stained part of the shirt, and let it sit there for 45 minutes. The sublimation ink stain will leave its spot and get dissolved easily. Then, you can wash the shirt with a normal detergent. The best bleach to serve the purpose right without affecting the quality of the fabric and the color is chlorine bleach. It is easily available in markets. 

4. Denatured Alcohol Treatment

how to remove sublimation ink from shirt

Submerging the stained shirt into denatured alcohol for 45 minutes too does the trick. This helps in breaking down the molecular pattern of the sublimation ink stain and forces it to leave the cloth. 

The process can be repeated for ten minutes more if any remains can be seen on the shirt after the first dip. The denatured alcohol solution decreases the ink from the fabric knots, forcing it to dissolve and color the alcohol instead. Most of the time, this process works by lightening enough the stain for a regular wash. 

5. Dishwashing Liquid Method

Most of the time, dishwashing liquids is effective when it comes to removing stains from the shirts. It works best when the shirt`s stained part is dipped in warm water, and then the liquid is added to it. Using a scrubber or a brush after ten to fifteen minutes helps the stain to get lighter, finally leaving the cloth and staining the lukewarm water. 

The temperature of the water is very important in this particular treatment. The best thing about it is the presence of a dishwashing liquid in each home. It is gentle on the skin too. One more thing that helps to erase the stain is letting the shirt dry out in sunlight or open-air, without using any heating equipment such as iron or pressure heat. 

6. Pressure Washer

how to remove sublimation ink from shirt?

A pressure washer can also be used to wash off the stains of sublimation ink from shirts. Add normal water to the water tank belonging to a pressure washer, and that’s that. Consider it done, as the washer’s pressure cleans off all the stubbornly cloth-tied ink. 

In order to achieve a much better and quick outcome, you can use denatured alcohol in the water which is added to pressure water. Dishwasher salt also greatly helps when added to the pressure washer. Lukewarm water in the pressure washer is also a great help when it comes to removing any kinds of stains. Add to that soda, or dishwashing liquid, and consider the stains gone for good. 

Using of Acetone method

Will acetone remove sublimation ink? if you think that acetone will remove sublimation ink you may be wrong because we consider it a very strong solvent that helps us to remove sublimation ink from shirts or any other blanks. but it can damage the shell of the product. I strongly disagree to use this fast but harsh solvent to perform this method.

How to remove sublimation ink from ceramic mugs?

so you are bored off to use your favorite coffee mug with an old sublimated picture or logo on it? now you think about how to remove sublimation ink from mugs? don’t worry here I tell you some methods which actually work out to remove sublimation ink from mugs.

1. Use White Vinegar A Simple Method

Soak the printed part of the cup in white vinegar for one and half hours, or until you get the desired result. After that, with the help of a Scraper, rub the image well put some pressure, and clean it from the mug. The longer you let it sit in the white vinegar it will eventually fall on it.

Try to do this method as fast as possible. Keep the scraper moist with vinegar while rubbing on the mug to remove sublimation ink. you can see that all of the sublimation ink is completely gone using the scraper and white vinegar. That’s what you want the result. Try this organic method at home.

2. Use Nail Polish Remover

You Can also remove sublimation ink from mugs by applying nail polish remover on sublimated design. then scrapping off the pic with a sharp knife or razor blade. this method also gives the best result because nail polish remover contains acetone solvent which helps us to remove sublimation ink fast from mugs.

3. Heating Process

You can also heat the mug to remove sublimation ink. just heat the mug for 4 to 5 minutes over a gas stove. when your mug is thoroughly heated, rub the mug with the help of a scratch pad with pressure. Therefore the picture will gradually disappear and at last completely go off from the mug. this is another tried and tested method to remove sublimation ink from mugs.


So, I have described my experience that how to remove sublimation ink from shirt? you can opt-out of any of them. But I think In an ideal situation, one should avoid chemicals and other solvents like acetone, etc. when trying to remove sublimation ink from a shirt. Stick to normal detergents and water.  If the stain resists, then try one of these treatments to erase the stain from the shirt. 

you should not worry about how to get sublimation off shirt? always use a simple method to remove ink from any blank because there are a lot of disadvantages of using solvents, other than water. It fades and affects the color quality of the shirt. Use the method which is best suited for the condition of your shirt and the availability of the solvent. As far as the stain is removed and the quality of the cloth is preserved, everything is fine. 

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