How To Sublimate On Tumblers/ Skinny Tumbler Sublimation for Newbies

Sublimation tumbler design has been a popular pastime and business strategy in the market. Additionally, sublimation printing on tumblers elevates the tumblers’ aesthetic appeal. Custom-designed drinking accessories like coffee tumblers, teapots, and cups are becoming increasingly popular as a gift option for many individuals. Your loved ones will always think of you for a long time after you give them this unique present.

How to sublimate on Tumblers? You can sublimate on a blank tumbler using a sublimation paper, sublimation printer, heat press machine, infusible ink, and excellent digital designing software. Then, you will need to print a design on the sublimation paper and wrap it around the tumbler. Next, fix it in the correct position with a heat press machine. Finally, let it cool down, and you have your desired product. 

how to sublimate on tumblers with sublimation paper

Because of the variety of methods involved in how to sublimate a tumbler with a mug press, we may claim that this sublimation is more complex and expensive than standard sublimation printing methods. 

Therefore we have compiled a list of methods regarding sublimation tumblers for beginners for your ease. By following these three methods you can sublimate a tumbler effectively:

    Using printed sublimation sheets 
    Using a circuit mug press
    Using infusible ink

What is needed to sublimate tumblers?

To start printing for sublimation tumblers here are some things you will generally require in different sublimation tumbler ideas.

Sublimation Printer

The sublimation printer is the initial product you will need for any sublimation printing process to begin. If you want high-quality photos, a high-quality sublimation printer is required for that. It is best to use a printer designed for sublimation printing because they print more quickly and with better quality.

Inks and sublimation paper for tumblers 

To get the best results, be sure it is compatible with the inks and papers you buy. Ensure you get printer inks from the same manufacturer as your printer to ensure compatibility and high-quality printing.

Blank sublimation tumblers

Blank tumblers are used to design your print on them which can be purchased from online stores like Amazon. To obtain the print on these tumblers, you will need to heat them, so only use materials from reputable sources and check to make sure they are of high quality.

Heat press machine

Get high-quality heat press equipment that can effortlessly sublimate tumblers with a wide range of heating capabilities. Sublimation tumbler heat press settings are also required to get quality print on the tumbler. 


how to sublimate on tumblers in tumbler press machine

Step-by-step guide for Tumbler sublimation

Other Items required for how to make sublimation tumblers;

    Thin sublimation tumbler blanks
    Teflon sheet
    Heat-resistant gloves.
    Paper for sublimation 
    Sublimation cup

Step 1: Purchase a blank Tumbler

First of all, purchase a blank tumbler that is completely fresh and has not been printed before. In addition, it must be entirely white and devoid of any color.  Do you have epoxy sublimation tumblers? If you’re just starting for the first time, avoid epoxied Tumbler. Because only a fresh blank tumbler can give your perfect printing. 

Step 2: Design application on Sublimation Paper

For printing on a Tumbler, you must have a design on your computer. Then, in the second step, design your print on the sublimation paper. After printing, it is best to let the sublimation paper cool down before applying the design.

Step 3: Sublimation Printing on Tumbler Blank

Bring the paper to the tumbler and set it aside to begin printing. First, prepare your tumbler blank for printing by wrapping the paper over it and ensuring that the image part is positioned where you want it to be printed. 

Step 4: Embedding of Print on Tumbler

Next, position the tumbler with the paper in the heat press and turn the heat press on 160 to 170 °C appropriately. It should now be warm. Press for about 25 seconds with Medium to firm pressure to transfer the image to the tumbler. The sound and pressure will permanently insinuate the print into the material.

Finally, let your tumbler cool down for a bit when the procedure is complete, and you will have a lovely and long-lasting design. Following these steps, you may get an idea, of how to do sublimation on tumblers.

Three other methods for Tumbler sublimation

Using printed sublimation sheets

To begin with, sublimation tumbler ideas, create the design you wish to sublimate onto your tumbler using your preferred program. For example, this printing method works well with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. 

Begin by using the finest software available to control the height circumference. More settlements are required if your blanks are of varying sizes.

A blank template will appear to add your logos, graphics, and printing. Remember to pick the flip option whether you are printing text or arrows. 

If desired, this print may be saved as a high-quality PDF for printing on a sublimation printer. Use your sublimation paper to transfer the design to the paper.

How to sublimate on tumblers using circuit mug press

Putting the 20 oz tiny cups through the circuit mug press is tough. Consequently, it is advised that you wrap the Teflon sheet over itself until it reaches the desired volume. 

how to sublimate on tumbler using cricut mug press

Fold Teflon sheets over the Tumbler for a good push. Each portion should be pressed for three minutes. In addition, the bottom half will have nine minutes of total time, while the upper half will also have nine minutes of total time. 

how to sublimate on skinny tumbler

Eighteen minutes is the entire time it takes to use the heat press. Therefore, there can be a few differences in the design. First, the duration is reduced in proportion to the decrease in section size since they don’t desire full press coverage.

How to sublimate on tumbler using infusible ink

Tumbler sublimation can also be performed using infusible ink. Firstly, you can use CDS software, by turning the mirror setting on the preparation screen.

Then, cut out the infusible ink transfer sheet on the software you are using. After cutting, the letters must be weeded to remove any remaining material, leaving just white and black ink.

Roll it on the tumbler with precision. Nonetheless, Teflon paper does function well for folding purposes. As a result, the paper must be placed in the circuit mug press according to its dimensions.

  Important Sublimation Tips & Tricks

  • Using the 30oz tumblers, however, if you cut the top off the paper straight on the bleed line and flip the cup upside down on your table, then flip your print upside down on the table and wrap it that way, your print will line up perfectly every time, and it is a little simpler.
  • Pressure could cause a tumbler to burn or not transfer the image all the way; always maintain a pressure balance for neat and beautiful vibrant tumblers to come out.
  • Tumblers need to cool off completely before removing the printed paper.
  • Before printing the image, it must have been a mirror.
  • If you buy a convection oven only doing sublimation/polymer clay and shrinky dinks all in one range, you can buy something other than diff things to use.
  • The temperature and time should be accurate for tumbler sublimation.
  • With the Sawgrass SG-500 and Epson printers, you can print up to 8,5×14 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to sublimate on a tumbler?

Yes, it’s possible to sublimate on a tumbler, but you cannot use just any tumbler for sublimation; you must use tumblers designed explicitly for the process. Blank tumblers for sublimation are the best to use. They are coated with a heat-sensitive polymer that interacts with the sublimation dye and serves as a protective barrier.

Can a tumbler be sublimated twice?

Due to the fact not being destroyed, tumblers may be sublimated an unlimited number of times. However, you should be aware that the previous print image will show a ghost picture in the background when the tumbler is reheated.

When using a tumbler, can you erase sublimation ink?

You can effortlessly erase sublimation ink from a tumbler using a toaster oven or a regular oven. Place the sublimated tumbler in the oven and heat it until the color fades and the ink is removed, then allow it to cool to room temperature.

What is a sublimation tumbler?

A  tumbler printed with the help of a sublimation printer is known as a sublimation tumbler. The material used on sublimation for tumblers can be any like stainless steel, plastic, etc. 

What is needed for sublimation tumblers?

You need to make a design on any designing application of your own choice or you can directly purchase the designed transfer paper as an infusible ink sheet, a blank sublimation tumbler, a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, butcher paper, a lint roller, heat resistant tape, a tumbler press to complete the tumbler sublimation process.

Do you have to put epoxy over sublimation tumblers?

That’s really another step of adding epoxy or glitter over the sublimated tumbler. For this, you can download pre-made shimmery tumbler wraps get and easily sublimate a glittery tumbler without any hassle.

What is the best printer for sublimation tumblers?

Sawgrass SG-400, SG-500/SG-1000
Epson ET-15000.

Do you seal a sublimated tumbler?

When you sublimate a tumbler with sublimation transfer the sublimation process makes it happen to infuse sublimation ink on the tumbler when it gets heated.


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