How To Use Cricut Design Space For Sublimation? Create Beautiful Designs

Cricut Design space is just fantastic software for sublimation. Suppose you are a sublimation lover who loves to sublimate with different methods and software. Then you must hear that the Cricut Design space is one of the best methods to sublimate.

Now you must be here to know: How to use Cricut design space for sublimation? No worries you just need to follow some simple steps given below:

best design space for sublimation
  1. Setting up the canvas 
  2. Upload your desired  image 
  3. Remove the background if needed
  4. Insert the image and Add text
  5. Offset the text 
  6. Set the dimensions 
  7. Set the image for printing
  8. Print the Image 

In this article, I’ll elaborate on all the steps to sublimate in circuit design one by one. So, without any further detail let’s get straight into the article.

How to use Cricut Design Space for Sublimation?

You might consider the sublimation in Cricut design space a hectic task. But it’s not that difficult instead you just need to follow some simple steps

Step 1- Setting up the canvas

how to use cricut design canvas

Once you open the Cricut design space you will see a blank white canvas to work on. You can use grid canvas by clicking on the top left corner or use it as it is (blank white). 

Mostly, I use blank white canvas because it works better. Therefore the blank white canvas is preferred by professional circuit design space users. 

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Step 2- Upload your desired Image 

can you use cricut design space for sublimation

After setting up the canvas upload your desired image in the Cricut design space. Click on the new project and select the image and click on the upload. PNG file is larger than any other file it might take a few minutes to upload so be patient and let it take time.

Choose a complex type image while uploading the image to the canvas. Don’t forget to upload a PNG format image or file to the canvas. A PNG format image is essential because it has no background. It comes with a transparent background that works great while creating sublimation designs. 

Step 3- Remove the Background if needed

how to do sublimation with cricut design space

If you want to use any other format but don’t want that background you can remove the background first. On the left side of the screen, there is the background removal option. Here click on the automatic background remove and remove the background. 

Some PNG format images also come with a background that you can remove by using the same method I use for other files.

Step 4-  Insert the image and Add text 

After uploading the image click on the insert button and insert the image. The image will be added to the canvas worksheet. You can also add some text to the image. Click on the left of the menu bar and select add text. 

Add the text you want and manage the font size. Select the font size you want and place it on the image. Adjust the text where you find it suitable. Once you place it where you want you can also change the text color here.

Step 5- Offset your Text

When you add text it’s hard to see the text on the image. Here you can offset the text it would be more visible and easy to adjust. Offsetting the text can make sublimation glamorous. Click the offset on the left side of the top menu to offset the image. You can also change the offset size that you want and apply it to the image. 

The text is still separate from the image you can change the color here as well. Now, combine the image and the text. Click on the group at the top of the menu and combine the image and the text. Now you can move them together and adjust them anywhere on the canvas. 

Step 6- Set the Dimensions

Now it’s time to set the dimensions. Setting up the dimensions is vital to have the desired look of sublimation. Drag the image as much as large or small as you want. But avoid exceeding 6.75 inches (width) and 9.25 inches (height). Finally, the image is ready to scroll through the printer and print to the fabric.

Step 7- Set the image for printing 

This is the most exciting step because the process is near to end. Click on “ send to printing” and you will head to the print setup. 

Now, select the number of copies you want for sublimation and printing type. Prefer PDF as a printing type. Select the file, name the file, and save the image. 

Step 8-  Print the image

Once the image is saved you can open it in a photo editor and edit the image. When the editing is ended save the image again as a copy and print it. You can also use Microsoft office for printing if no other software is available. Before printing the image you have to set the paper size that fits in your printer. 

Make sure to choose a paper size that is near the exact size of the image. This is how you can save paper to waste. Now you have selected the paper find the insert option and insert the image to print. Finally, click on the “print image” and get your printed image ready to sublimate.


Can you turn an SVG file into a Sublimation?

Yes, you can turn an SVG file into the sublimation but, I mostly prefer a PNG file. This file is a good option to choose from. This is because the PNG files come with a transparent background.

Can I use any image for Sublimation?

Yes, you can definitely use any image with any format. You can use any file with any format like JPG, SVG, or PNG. All you need is to choose an image with a resolution of 300 DPI.



Like many sublimation lovers, you also want to use the Cricut design space to design and prepare the image for sublimation. Don’t worry it’s not a big deal. I personally follow this method to make designs for sublimation tumblers, T-shirts, and other products too. This method is typically much easier than other graphic tools. As it also gives you pre-made templates to use in designs. I hope you liked the article and must be excited to use the Cricut design space. Just follow the steps I have already explained above in the article and you are good to go.

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