Sublimation Printing On Black Shirt/ Is It Possible in 2023?

If all of your favorite t-shirts are worn or discolored, you should think about changing to sublimation imprinted clothes. This innovative printing technology offers elaborate graphics that just never fade away! Are you eager to learn how to imprint on clothes with sublimation printouts?

Heat-reactive pigments and hot temperatures have been used in sublimation printing to convert the pigment into a gaseous form. The gas then combines with the polyester fabric fibers, resulting in intricate, long-lasting designs. Sublimation dyes, a sublimation printer, polyester shirts, a heat press, and sublimation paper are primarily essential for this procedure.

Sublimation Printing on Black Shirt: How Does It Work?

sublimation printing on black shirt

Sublimation printing seems to be a two-step procedure that requires trying to produce a graphic design in liquid ink on transferring papers and afterward adhering it to a t-shirt by changing the ink to gas using temperature. Because of its remarkable endurance, this approach to shirt printing is receiving significant popularity.

Even though this technique involves the use of highly specialized supplies, it is also one that you could constantly acquire to conduct at home by yourself if you invest in a few bits of machinery! This is a strategy adopted by experts but then also approachable to domestic designers, equivalent to creating HTV or screen-printed clothing.

2 Amazing Sublimation Techniques for Dark Shirts

Sublimation of black clothing is regarded to be impracticable by the majority of the community. Well, we are going to be showing you how to sublimate on black or dark shirts by using simple techniques.

What? Isn’t it correct that sublimation simply does not work on black shirts? How many of you have got to hear of this urban myth? Well! Sublimation printing on dark fabric is, to be honest, a challenge. Even though sublimation printing does not at all show up well on black or darker shirts, we should employ an underlayer to sublimate black clothes, which would be time-consuming effectively. On the other side, professionals have uncovered a fantastic way for sublimating black shirts without the use of an under-base.

If your black enthusiast clients demand dark-colored sublimated shirts, you are disappointed because Sublimation somehow does not work well enough on black shirts. Do not make the same mistake twice! We have established a wonderful yet effective methodology for you, and you will never ever have to turn down yet another request. Let us just get this ball rolling without any further hemming and hawing. You can also read the best shirts for sublimation

Which is the best way to sublimate dark t-shirts?

Sublimation on black shirts seems to be quite identical to Sublimation on all other t-shirts, with the exception of the pigment and the employment of white glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. You can use either a sublimation vinyl-like EasySubli or glittery white heat transfer vinyl rather than just sublimation vinyl instantly on the clothing.

Both white glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl and EasySubli printed HTV are white and incorporate polyester, which would be necessary for sublimation. Glitter HTV is necessary because the glittery grains comprise polyester. Seamless HTV will also not function effectively. It also is a smart option to choose a polymer-coated cloth that comprises 50 percent polyester content.

What You Will Need:

  • Sublimation Printer for T-shirts
  • Heat press
  • T-shirt in a dark colour
  • Ink for sublimation printing
  • White Glitter heat transfer vinyl
  • thermal tape
  • sublimation tape
  • Cutter for vinyl
  • Roller for lint
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • butcher paper

HTV Sublimation on Black Shirts

1. Form an impression and print it:

mirror the image every time executing Sublimation. When transferring the artwork instantly onto the HTV, meanwhile, there is no need to reverse the visual. Choose one of the finest Sublimation printers to print the artwork.

If your photograph is considerably larger, it is recommended to display that without a boundary. Keep a sharp eye out for the printing options. Adhere to the HTV on the shirt as precisely as possible prior to actually printing. Put sublimation paper into the printer — it seems to have a glossy surface and a dull surface. Since the glossy surface of the sublimation paper can not retain the sublimation pigment, imprint the graphic on the dull face.

2. Cropping the layout:

Let the sublimation paper come to room temperature for about a minute after printing. To use a vinyl cutter, cut the picture to your required size.

3. Prepress:

Clear the face of the clothing with the lint roller. Preheat the heat press to 360°F and press the shirt for around 5 seconds to eliminate any unnecessary wrinkles or dampness.

4. Position your design on the shirt:

Positioning your design on a black shirt seems to be the most challenging and complex component of Sublimation. After sorting out the empty regions from the vinyl, just sublimate the actual printed location. It is distinct from heat transfer paper in that it does not necessitate trimming off the undesirable portions.

Detach the backing (uncovering the sticky side) to eliminate blurriness before pressing. After detaching your imprint, slap it on the t-shirt and stick it in position.

5. Heat Press it:

Spread your butcher paper on top of the imprint and heat it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds. The butcher paper shields the vinyl from reaching the heat press. When the timer beeps off, pull the shirt from the press and carefully remove the sublimation transfer paper. Hold the shirt with heat-resistant gloves, and your sublimation dark shirt is good to go!

Major Drawback:

Because you can not see through all the sublimation papers to see whether your positioning on the Heat Transfer Vinyl is perfect, this really is a concern with this technique. As a consequence, keep a steady check on the layout when it is being placed.

Using a Fabric Sheet for Sublimation on Dark or Black Shirts

This is a novel technique for manufacturing black shades. With the exception of the sublimation paper, it would be as simple as the previous one. If you’re doing Sublimation in black colors, do not even hesitate to have a fabric sheet.


  1. Simply eliminate the sublimation print paper and substitute it with a fabric sheet. Before actually printing, keep in mind that the adhesive and printable surfaces of the fabric sheet have been in suitable locations in your printer. Take two hours for your fabric sheet outcome to cool after printing.
  2. Trim it with a scissor or a computerized cutter.
  3. Preheat the heat press to 385°F and push the black t-shirt for 60 seconds using moderate pressure.
  4. To remove the shirt, wear thermal gloves, and the outcomes will be visible in front of your sight.


Tips and Tricks

  • always Use a light-colored graphic when the sublimation process is carried out on dark garments.
  • Dark shirts should then be cleaned in cold water and then dried in a dryer for long-lasting coloring.
  • Wrap the Sublimation using aluminum foil and press it at moderate temperature during steaming.
  • Gently remove the foil aside from one edge till all the parts are removed, then wait for five minutes before detaching it.
  • Always use high-quality thermal pressing vinyl while sublimating on shirts, as lower-quality products might not even perform as well and may rip apart abruptly.
  • To print a photo from the web, firstly download it and then view it in your designing application to change the tones before importing the pictures.
  • Leave the artwork to dry before wearing or cleaning your shirt afterward thoroughly.

sublimation printing on black shirt


Is it possible to sublimate a black polyester shirt?

Yes, you absolutely can! You might also use standard thermal transfer paper for this. Yet, the consequences may fluctuate. This is owing to the belief that you’re utilizing sublimation to color the garment. As a consequence, white and other lighter shades may merge into darker colors.

It is indeed feasible to bleach it. Yet, because that’s not an element of sublimation printing, it requires its very own section. Heat transfer vinyl surface, such as silhouette cameo or HTV, is the ideal way to get over this.

On dark shirts, how long does sublimation paint last?

With appropriate maintenance, sublimation on a black shirt might last up to a decade. The color absorption rate is so high because you are using a thermal press to press the dyes into the fabric rather than putting it on top.

To sum it off, you have accessibility to a sizable selection of colors that would never shatter, unlike some other techniques such as screen printing.

Is sublimation achievable on dark cotton shirts?

Heat transfer vinyl appears to work by spreading a polyester coating to the face of your dark cotton shirt to imprint your graphic pattern.


So there you have it: all you need to understand regarding sublimation printing on a black t-shirt. Most of all, the final product would be not only elegant but also clean, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. So, what do you have to lose? Go forth and design something extraordinary!

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