What Is Sublimation Cricut? Easy Steps With Pros and Cons in 2023

Cricut sublimation is becoming more popular because it allows them to enjoy the process more than simple sublimation. Cricut sublimation offers plenty of stunning designs for sublimation.

what is sublimation Cricut? Cricut sublimation is just like sublimation but offers more enjoyable designs than sublimation. While sublimation is a conversion process in which a solid substance directly converts into a gas without converting into a liquid state. This happens while you heat press your sublimation designs on your preferred fabric.

what is cricut sublimation with cricut press

Cricut is not necessary for sublimation, but many people use Cricut machines to get their desired designs for sublimation. The Cricut machine is just for cutting purposes. They haven’t nothing to do with printing or transferring designs. And a Cricut machine can add more fun to your sublimation. 

Further in this article, we are going to discuss sublimation for Cricut. Read the article thoroughly to know Cricut’s sublimation.

What is sublimation Cricut?

Sublimation for Cricut is similar to standard sublimation, but Cricut has designed limited colors and patterns. Cricut also has its dye sublimation equipment for the whole process. You can perform sublimation by using specific Cricut cutters and heat press machines.

what is sublimation cricut for beginners?

These cutters prove adequate to cut all designs, including those you can’t cut with ordinary scissors. Infusible sublimation ink is another piece of equipment from Cricut used by Cricut-pressed machines. This Cricut infusible ink is not more different than dye-sublimation solutions.

we can also use Cricut designs for sublimation printing for this you can choose any Cricut design and use it while sublimating. By using Cricut, you can keep yourself safe from extra expenses. You don’t need to buy sublimation printing machines and a lot of other materials. Similarly, if you can’t purchase sublimation printing machines and other equipment, get one Cricut set.

What Do I Need to Do Sublimation Printing with a Cricut?

Here is a list of materials you need for sublimation Cricut printing.

Sublimation printer

In many processes, a sublimation printer can be one of the essential pieces of equipment you need for sublimation printing. These printers print your design on sublimation paper or Cricut sheet.

Pattern cutting

After getting your printer designs on the sublimation paper, you need to have a final plan to transfer. Once you have printed the design, cut the elements you don’t need for transfer from the actual design and weed it out.

Here Cricut cutters are helpful to cut the design accurately. Be careful while cutting the design because everything present on sublimation paper will transfer to the fabric. Hence, extra elements can ruin your design.

Cricut maker 

sublimation with cricut maker

The genuine product you must need for Cricut sublimation. This maker gives you all you need for sublimation if you buy this product. I use the Cricut maker tool as an all-in-one tool instead of scoring tools, blades, pens, etc.

Rotary blades are specially designed to cut Cricut sheets, sublimation paper, and fabric.

Knife blades, pens, and many other accessories enhance the versatility of the maker. Cricut maker allows you to have an affordable pack with helpful material.

see some of my recommendations for Cricut machines. if these suit best for your hobby or business.   

Cricut maker champagne machine bundle

Cricut explorer 3 

Cricut explorer air 2

So now, you have printed the design on sublimation paper and cut it accurately according to your need. Now Your design is ready for transferring to the fabric. Use heat transfers to transfer your design to the material.


tumbler sublimation with cricut mug press

I will show you how to sublimate a 20 OZ tumbler in a mug press using Epson Ecotank 15000 large format sublimation printer and 17 x 11 A-Sub sublimation paper. Before starting the process, I want to tell you guys I made several mistakes while doing this process. I printed my desired image onto the sublimation paper so many times. My first attempt to get out the print on A-sub paper was too big second time, the print came out too small that it could not cover the whole tumbler, and then the third and fourth made the same mistakes with a little change. So, after wasting four sheets, I could finally print the exact design. 

So feel free to make mistakes during the Cricut sublimation process. Normally, you will be able to do sublimation work more efficiently after these blunders, as I am now more creative and skilled in my sublimation field.

Material you need 

  • Cricut mug press
  • A blank tumbler
  • A sublimation printer
  • A-Sub sublimation paper
  • Hippo sublimation ink
  • heat press matt
  • heat resistant tape
  • Tape measure
  • butcher paper
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Silicon wraps

Let’s move on to the procedure!

Step 1. Measure the tumbler with a measuring tape from top to bottom of the tumbler and then measure it again around the tumbler because measuring a tumbler allow you to print the exact printing size to the tumbler.

Step 2. I select a template design from the design bundle website to be imprinted on the tumbler.

Step 3. Print the design on 17 x 11 A-Sub paper from Epson Ecotank 15000 sublimation printer.

Step 4. Use scissors and a trimmer to cut it to size.

Step 5. Always trim away the excess paper from top to bottom of the tumbler. The design was aligned to the top, and there should be no white overlap.

Step 6. Pull the sublimation design sheet very tightly and wrap it around the mug. I added three pieces of white tape along the seam line perfectly. Also, add the tape around the tumbler to the top edge but not cover the bottom.

Step 7. Add butcher paper around the tumbler and a small piece of butcher paper at the bottom of the Cricut press so the bottom edge of the tumbler will not be scratched.

Step 8. Wrap the tumbler in silicon wrap and put it down in the Cricut mug press 

Step 9. Put your heat-resistant gloves on now press the tumbler for a four-minute in a Cricut press after four minutes turn the tumbler all around to 180 degrees and press it again for two minutes. After that flip, the tumbler over and heat press the other side repeat the same time duration for 4 minutes and then turn all around it and press it for additional 2 minutes. 

Step 10. switch off the machine remove the tumbler from the machine let it cool down and then remove the sublimation paper. you can see a vibrant colored image on the tumbler.

What is the difference between sublimation, Cricut infusible ink, and HTV?

To explain the difference between these, we will discuss all of these one by one:


  • In sublimation, the dried sublimation ink transfers the design onto fabric, which you dry the structure during heat processing.
  • Most hard-wearing designs are offered by sublimation.
  • We always use one layer process in sublimation instead of a layering process.
  • Sublimation uses simple and complex designs you can choose according to your need.
  • Sublimation design can be hard to crack or peel, and heat transfer vinyl does.
  • Sublimation cannot be applied to any blank surface.
  • It always requires an iron or heat press to transfer the design to the fabric. Sublimation also needs a mug press to print the design on the mug.
  • A specific sublimation printer is also needed for sublimation.

If you don’t have a sublimation printer, you can use a Cricut cutter to cut infusible ink transfer sheets in any shape or design.


  • HTV does not use any dry process as sublimation does.
  • It does not dye your Cricut design space while pressing; instead, it gets adhered to the fabric’s surface.
  • It also works well, just like sublimation.
  • Unlike sublimation, HTV can work on any color, but sublimation works well on white or light-colored fabrics.

Cricut Infusible Ink:

  • Cricut infusible sublimation ink is used explicitly for Cricut machines.
  • This unique sublimation ink is like sublimation dry or ink used in the sublimation process. Both of these work the same.
  • Cricut Infusible ink pens work the same as sublimation dry to make the Cricut sublimation easier.

These all have a bit different use in sublimation, but all are essential for a well-printed design.

Benefits and drawbacks of sublimation with Cricut

If you are starting sublimation, you should know the pros and cons of sublimation with Cricut:

  • Sublimation offers the most durable designs with Cricut because the setup is ultimately infused in the fabric or material you use.
  • In some cases, your design may crack or peel, like in the case of heat transfer vinyl, after washing. But, Sublimation with Cricut prevents the design from peeling or cracking.
  • As the design merges into the fabric, it gives an incredible natural look when you wear the material.
  • We use a Cricut cutter to cut the extra material before transferring material. Due to this fine cutting, your design looks excellent and transfers to the material without any mess with the help of heat transfer vinyl.
  • Dye sublimation and infusible sublimation ink are easier to weed out.
  • You can use sublimation blanks for sublimation crafting.
  • Any type of sublimation blanks can be used for Cricut print, and an affordable printer works well for this purpose.
  • Cricut sublimation requires extreme heat to transfer the material to the surface.
  • All materials cannot work well with the design you choose.
  • Cricut infusible ink sheets can specifically work with the Cricut machines; they can’t work for sublimation printers or machines.
  • Your heat press will choose the size of your design. If your design is more significant than a heat presser, it may ruin your design.
  •  Dye-sublimation printers are a bit expensive.
  • You have only one shot at transferring your design to the fabric. If it goes wrong, you can lose your fabric and all the work you did.
  • You have to start all work again if you ruin your work.

If we see this, Cricut sublimation has more benefits than drawbacks. That is why most people are using it nowadays.

How Can We use Cricut in printing?

Cricut proves an essential part of sublimation printing, especially when discussing Cricut sublimation.

Cricut materials like infusible sublimation ink, Cricut cutters, pens, and knife blades. They are also helpful and valuable materials to make sublimation printing easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Cricut infusible ink sheets have a specificity of just being used in Cricut machines. you can not use these inks in other machines like sublimation printers. Cricut cutters cut the best shape, words, and designs after printing.

Right after the printing of the design, cutters play their best role in cutting the perfect size and shape of the design to have to transfer the design from heat transfer vinyl. There are many designs, fabrics, and sublimation sheets that simple cutters cannot cut. Here cutters are the best choice.

How Well Does Cricut Sublimation Hold Up?

This is one of the great features of Cricut sublimation which is why Cricut sublimation is becoming popular day by day. When you use any other traditional method for designing on any fabric, we always worry about the peeling or cracking of the design.

Cricut sublimation ensures you give a cracking or peeling-free design. This also maintains the design even if you are washing your fabric daily. Design printed by Cricut sublimation deeply fuses into the material’s fibers and sustains for a long time.

These designs attach themselves to the fiber, due to which it is difficult to crack, peel or remove the design from the fabric. Some designs also become dull and look boring. Cricut sublimation also prevents the design from becoming faint for years. This is how well a Cricut sublimation holds up.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best sublimation printer for Cricut?

Epson Workforce WF 7710 is on the top for the best sublimation printer list to get excellent Cricut sublimation prints.
This is best due following specifications:
Warranty: 3 years
Best for printing with Cricut infusible ink sheets.
Print resolution: 4800 x 2140 dpi
Printer volume:13″ x 19″

Which is better, circuit or sublimation?

Both are used to print the design on any material and have similar features.
If you say which is best? The correct answer would be Cricut. Cricut is better than sublimation because of its unique features.
The following are some features of Cricut:
Cricut has its dye sublimation equipment.
Best for printing on a sublimation blank.
Cricut infusible ink is just used in my Cricut.
Easy to work with the heat press.
Cricut cutters are credibility boosters in the world of design.

Can you sublimate with a Cricut?

Yes, you can sublimate with Cricut. You can use all Cricut equipment and sublimate any design on any fabric or material. Cricut ink, which is called Cricut infusible ink, can be used that nicely fuse into the fabric and attach to the fibers of the materials.
This helps to sustain the design for a long time. After printing the design, Cricut cutters can be used for cutting different shapes and designs.

What is infusible ink?

It is like sublimation, but it is available in the form of Cricut infusible ink sheets in the market. You can cut it with a Cricut machine and apply it with Cricut easy press. Using heat Cricut press machine also infuses that ink into the material and gives the appearance that you have inked your shirt-like sublimation. To do Cricut sublimation, you can not do it on any ordinary blank, but you need to look for those Cricut-approved blanks.

Is Cricut maker a sublimation printer?

Cricut maker performs with infusible ink and related material; there is no need for any sublimation printer specifically for the Cricut sublimation process. Just purchase your desired infusible ink sheet and cut it through the Cricut machine, then transfer the design to the material.

What does Cricut sublimation mean?

For the Cricut sublimation process, sheets of dry ink transfer the dyes onto the material, and these transfer sheets are called Cricut infusible ink papers. In the sublimation process, when some solid goes into the gas state when it gets heat without liquifying and infuses onto the material, not on the top of the surface, it is called the sublimation process.

Sublimation is a process of printing design, just like a simple t-shirt design. But Cricut sublimation is always better because of its features. Due to Cricut sublimation, you can make your design more fun. It will help to work in a bit more decent way and fast. Cricut makes your sublimation easier. If you use a Cricut cutter, you can get more unique designs for printing. Similarly, Cricut infusible ink helps sustain the fabric’s design for years, even if we wash it regularly. Because it attaches to the fibers of the material, it prevents the dullness of the fabric. That is why people prefer Cricut sublimation.

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