What Printers Can Be Used for Sublimation? Epson, Sawgrass, Brother

Starting the business with a small sublimation printer from home with convenience is why most people are focusing on the crafting industry. So, you are also one of those who are looking to convert the regular printer to a sublimation printer. Or, you have bought a printer that is not compatible with the sublimation, but you want to change, don’t worry. 

What printers can be used for sublimation? Almost all printers that use Piezo Print Technology are easy to convert for sublimation. Usually, the Epson, Sawgrass, and Brother inkjet printers are used for sublimation. But the printers with Thermal Print heads are not accessible for sublimation. 

brother sublimation printer

Well, I have got you covered here because, in this blog post, I have mentioned all the valuable information that will help you with what printers can be converted for sublimation.

What Printers Can Be Used for Sublimation? Types of printers

To use any printer for sublimation, they need to have a specific feature of a print head. Usually, there are two kinds of print heads used in printers; 

1) Thermal print heads 

2) Piezo print heads

Let’s look at what type of print heads is suitable for sublimation printing. 

Thermal Print Head

Unfortunately, the printers with a thermal print head cannot be used for sublimation because they use only water-based inks that are only good for photo printing. Usually, the HP and Canon printers are manufactured for this type of print head. 

How does a Thermal print head printer work?

As the name shows, this type of printer uses heat to boil the ink for the printing process. The print heads are in a pre-heated form which melts the ink by applying heat on the print head nozzle, where the ink comes out from the printer and spreads on the material. Once the ink comes out of the nozzle chamber, the temperatures of the ink get relaxed; as a result, you get cooled printing paper.

Piezo Print Head

The printer with the piezo print head is compatible with sublimation printing. Piezo print head printers use multiple inks like water-based, solvent, eco-solvent, and gel-based, which works well for sublimation printing. Most of the latest printers like Epson, Sawgrass, and Brothers are equipped with the Piezo print head features, which can be converted easily to a sublimation printer if you use sublimation ink. It would be noteworthy that some printers come with the piezo print head, but they do not use sublimation ink. So check your printer’s compatibility with the sublimation ink before converting. 

How does the Piezo print head printer work?

As the name shows, this type of printer uses heat to boil the ink for the printing process. The print heads are in a pre-heated form which melts the ink by applying heat on the print head nozzle, where the ink comes out from the printer and spreads on the material. Once the ink comes out of the nozzle chamber, the temperatures of the ink get relaxed; as a result, you get cooled printing paper.


Why you should convert an Epson printer to a sublimation?

what Epson printers can be used for sublimation? Usually, most Epson printers can be converted to sublimation and come with a sublimation feature. Well, there could be many reasons, like the overall cost of a sublimation printer is high than a standard printer, and then you convert it into a sublimation. Or, you may want to experience the process to learn the process. 


Epson sublimation printer

There is still another reason that you may not know whether your printer is a sublimation printer or a regular one. So let’s find out.

Epson printers do not need to be converted for sublimation. 

Usually, inkjet printers come with regular ink, but you can easily replace them with sublimation ink. But usually, the price of these printers is high ranging between $1000 to $4000 or above. On the other hand, the SureColor F570 and SureColor F170 are available as sublimation printers that you do not need to convert.

The main benefit of using these printers is a warranty and complete technical support. So if you face any trouble using them, you can directly contact the Epson support team.

Epson printers that need to be converted for sublimation 

Almost those Epson printers with low prices ranging between $200 to $400 need to be converted into sublimation printers. But the worst factor could be you won’t get any technical support or a lifetime warranty for those printers. So in case, you want to convert those printers on your own, you must understand the fixing issue. So one thing that you have to follow is must check their print head before buying them.

Here is a list of some Epson printers that you can convert and use for sublimation. 

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2710
  2. Epson EcoTank ET-2750
  3. Epson EcoTank ET3760
  4. Epson EcoTank ET-7700
  5. Epson EcoTank ET-2720
  6. Epson WorkForce WF-3620
  7. Epson WorkForce WF-7710
  8. Epson WorkForce WF-7610
  9. Epson Artisan 1430

Convert an Epson Printer for Sublimation?

    You can convert any Epson printer if that has some particular features. Usually, the conversion process is identical for all printers. 

    Items required to convert to sublimation 

    There are only a few things you need for converting a regular printer to a sublimation printer: 

            1. Check out that the printer has the feature of conversion. 

            1. The Sublimation ink is necessary to convert a standard printer. The best sublimation ink for printing is Printers Jack sublimation ink which has good color quality.

            1. A Jar opener for pulling off the lid of the Epson ink bottles.  

            1. Gloves for protecting your hands. 

            1. Paper towels for cleaning work surfaces. 

      Step 1: Load Sublimation ink into the Epson printer

      Caution: Turn off the printer before loading sublimation ink into the printer. And make sure you don’t fill up the wrong bottles and mix up the colors. So remember the ink color for each bottle. 

              • Open your Epson printer’s top right front corner and take out the regular ink jars one by one. 

              • Open ordinary Epson ink bottles with the help of the jar opener. 

              • Pour out all the ink safely without draining on the table and dispose of the regular ink. 

              • Now clean the Epson printer jars thoroughly with water and let them dry for a while. 

              • Now, take the sublimation ink bottles and pour them into the Epson inkjet jars. 

              • Once you have poured all the sublimation ink and filled up the tanks correctly, close the inked panel. 

        Step 2: Charge the sublimation ink

        Once you have filled the ink tanks, they need to be charged for 10 minutes for proper working. The charging process will start inside the printers, so don’t worry about the internal process. After a few minutes, you’ll see the ink jars are no longer full because the sublimation ink has been used in the charging process. So you can fill them again with the leftover ink for the sublimation printer in the bottles. 

        Step 3: Setup the drivers

        Almost all Espsn EcoTank printers can be connected to your computer and other devices like Mobile and tablets. To use your sublimation printers from your computer, you have to set up drivers for the printer. If you bought a brand new printer, you might have a driver’s CD with a manual guide. If you don’t have or have lost it, you can download the drivers from Epson’s official website. Follow the instructions on the manual and install the drivers on your PC, and your printer is ready to use for sublimation printing. 

        Congratulation! You’ve done

        After following the above guide, you have successfully converted your printer into a sublimation printer. But this is not all yet. 

        With the above guide, you only converted a regular printer into a sublimation printer, but if you want to get a sublimation print, you still need other items like;

              • Sublimation paper: a particular type of paper used for sublimation printing, which helps get a more accurate and vibrant colorful print. 

              • Heat-resistant tape: used for adjusting your sublimation paper down to the material. 

            • Sublimation blanks: the material which is used for the sublimation process. 

        The most common question about converting a sublimation printer

          Can I use my HP printer for sublimation?

          Yes, you can use an HP printer for the sublimation process until it has Pieze (pressure) technology printheads for the sublimation process. The latest HP STITCH series printers are equipped with this feature to be used for sublimation. However, the HP printer with the Thermal (heat) printheads can’t be used for sublimation. 

          Can I use a Brother printer for sublimation?

          The Brother printer with a “piezo printheads” feature is suitable for sublimation. The only problem you may face with Brother printers is that the company itself does not manufacture the built-in sublimation ink printers, so you have to use the Brother original ink cartridges. 

          Can you convert any printer into a sublimation printer?

          Yes, it’s possible to convert any printer into a sublimation printer until it’s brand new and also has a pressurized print head. Then, you can use Performance-D sublimation ink and pour it into the ink tanks using syringes. 

          What is the cheapest printer that can be converted to sublimation?

          Epson EcoTank 2720 pinter is the cheapest for sublimation. Change the regular ink tanks with the sublimation ink, and you’ll be able to use it for sublimation printing. 

          Can any inkjet printer be used for sublimation?

          Inkjet printers that use Piezo (Pressure) print heads can be used for sublimation, while inkjet printer which uses thermal (heat) is not suitable for sublimation. For example, most Epson inkjet sublimation printers have piezo printheads, which are good. In contrast, Canon, HP, and Lexmark printers lack the piezo printhead feature that you can’t use for sublimation.

            Final verdicts

            I hope now you have an idea of what printers can be used for sublimation. To use any printer for sublimation, you must understand whether that printer is compatible with this feature or not. Usually, most printers go wrong just because you try to put sublimation ink in the ink tanks, which causes an internal system problem because the printer was not applicable for sublimation. 

            You can ask your seller/manufacturer for a conversion to avoid this problem. If your dye-sublimation printer has a Piezo Print Technology, but it uses regular ink, you should also check out the manual guide before changing the inkjets. 

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