Best Sublimation Blanks | What Can You Sublimate on?

Sublimation blanks are great for decorating your place with your favorite quotation, images, or logos. No matter whether you want them for starting a business, decorating your home, or your workplace. However, it can be mind-boggling to decide which sublimation blank to choose. Are you facing the same situation?

So, which products can you use as the best sublimation blanks? T-shirts, socks, mugs, glass, attractive photo frames, personalized stickers, and other crafts are some of the best sublimation blank ideas for you.

New Sublimation Blanks

If you are new to sublimation then read this post to the end. Because you will find your desired information about the best sublimation blanks here. In this post, you will find:

where to buy Sublimation Blanks

  • Sublimation blank types
  • Best sublimation blanks ideas
  • A quick buying guide for best sublimation blanks
  • Most renowned and authentic best sublimation blanks suppliers

Best Sublimation Blanks and their Types

A wide variety of sublimation blanks is available out there. Here is the list of different sublimation blanks:

  1. Drinking Blanks

Drinkware blanks are a great choice for sublimation blanks as they can be used to sublimate logos and images.

Coffee Mugs For Sublimation

With the Cricut Mug Press, it is easy to sublimate coffee mugs to your heart’s content! Mugs with an exterior diameter of 3.2′′ to 3.4′′ work well in the mug press. 

Travel Mugs For Sublimation

The lids on most travel mugs allow them to be used in a car’s cup holder. And they can be a great choice to sublime your most memorable trip. Hence, you can take them during traveling and recall those beautiful memories.

Water Bottles For Sublimation

Drink plenty of water to be healthy. Straight-sided water bottles and tapered-sided water bottles are both common for use as sublimation blanks. Check to see if the bottles you buy will fit in your press and if you have purchased the appropriate wraps or shrink film.

Tumblers For Sublimation

It is common for tumblers to be thinner than mug presses, and they can even be taller than some convection ovens. Thus are also suitable for printing logos and quotations you want.

  1. Soft Blanks

One wonderful thing about Best sublimation blanks are sublimating garments and other soft products are you do not have to purchase the item that is expressly designated for sublimation.

There is a long list of clothing and soft blanks that are available and used by different professionals. However, I have listed some common and easily accessible soft blanks for you:

  • Headbands  
  • Tank-tops
  • T.shirts
  • Aprons
  • Socks
  • Face masks
  • Baby bibs
  • Bags
  • Pillow covers
  • Towels
  1. Blanks Of Various Sorts

You can have a great time with sublimation in this area as well. By using the process of sublimation, you will be surprised at how many everyday products are produced. You can personalize your phone case with a family photo, make personalized luggage tags, and much more! Here are some miscellaneous sublimation blanks!

Home Decor

  • Ornaments
  • Wall hangings
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Photo frames

Technical Blanks

  • Mobile cases
  • Laptops
  • Mousepads

Blanks For Gifts

  • Keychains
  • Clocks
  • Puzzle
  • Earring
  • Luggage tags
  • Per bowls

Best Sublimation Blank Ideas

Now let us speak about the options that sublimation presents to you. These are the most successful and best sublimation blank ideas for 2022.

T-Shirts Sublimation

the best sublimation blank is T-shirt sublimation which is gaining popularity. Several investors do this to maximize their profit. The best sublimation printer for t-shirts is required for T-shirt sublimation.

t-shirt sublimation

Also, learning how to modify visuals creatively increases your design appeal. This sublimation also helps with print design. The best part of this sublimation trick is determining the relative costs for whole t-shirt graphics.

Mugs Sublimation

When it comes to coffee cups, giving corporate gifts is common. A specialist product sublimation business could be an excellent possibility for you, as well.

sublimation on mugs

In addition, these mugs can be personalized as a present or for use in the workplace. Everybody likes to have a drink daily. Seeing a gorgeous image, a wise statement or an old snapshot of yourself on your morning coffee mug is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Flex Sublimation

Flex printing is also the ideal sublimation printing possibility if you plan to establish a business with a substantial investment. There has been an increase in demand for flex banners and a rise in the number of potential customers in the market.

flex printing

However, if you want to get into the flex printing business, you will need a lot of money. As it is not possible to use normal sublimation or convert a sublimation printer into one. Wide-format sublimation printers and heat transfers are used.

Sublimation On Plates

For many families, plates are more than just an important part of the dinner table; in fact, they are often used as decorative pieces to enhance the overall look and feel of a home. Plate designs that capture the attention of onlookers are an exciting opportunity for you.

sublimated plates

Individuals can also have some say in the aesthetics of their personalized plates. It is also possible to select from a variety of plate sizes and styles. There is no limit on how many different ideas you can incorporate with this method. Fresh plates are now a viable choice for businesses because of this.

Headboards Sublimation

A creative business might take advantage of this trend by designing, manufacturing, and selling wood headboards and other home decor items. If you conduct your homework thoroughly and sell your product properly, you will be sure to succeed.

The headboard is an ideal place to showcase a wide variety of paintings. You can use it to show larger images of photos or other images. A wide variety of decorative art headboards are available to both customers and professional decorators on a wholesale basis. This method has the potential to pay off handsomely for you if you plan to start a new sublimation business.

Sticker Sublimation

It is possible to market your own sublimated design concepts with a sticker sublimation. With low-cost printing equipment and sublimation supplies, you can produce sublimation images. Sticker printing may be done quickly and on a variety of different materials.

Sublimation on vinyl sticker

When it comes to sticker printing, there is a lot of room for growth provided you choose the correct business model. Because you may print so many different kinds of stickers in this market, there are already a lot of buyers. Due to its low cost, sticker printing is a viable business opportunity.

Socks Sublimation

Many different styles and designs are available, making them an industry standard. Untold numbers of people prefer embroidered socks to plain ones. If you want to spend your money, you can do so by creating socks for important occasions like Christmas.


So if you are one of the people who have the necessary skills and knowledge to design socks prints, then you will be able to do so. A reasonable profit can be made in this line of work.

Mobile Phone Covers Sublimation

Popular sublimation crafts include custom mobile phone cases. If you have a design in mind, you can use sublimation printing in mobile cases. Multiple materials are used to make mobile cases. As an additional revenue stream, you may provide custom mobile phone cases printed by your company. A poly-coat can be used to make a substrate sublimation-friendly if the substrate itself is not.

Face Mask Sublimation 

It is not a bad idea to give people stylish masks. Designer masks are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the present craze for social media platforms. Moreover, face masks are now mandatory everywhere because of the pandemic. A sublimation face mask can be added to the list of suggestions. It is also a great way for folks to customize their face masks. This is a great business plan to concentrate on if you want to make money.

Mouse Pads Sublimation

One of the best sublimation ideas for computers is printing mouse pads because they are everywhere. Gamers prefer to have their favorite characters and logos printed on their mousepads. Various organizations also make use of personalized mouse mats bearing their logos.

Pillow Dye Sublimation

You would have seen a lot of houses with pillows having sublimation print. Regardless of where you found them, you surely would have liked them. As a result, new styles of pillowcases have arisen. In this case, dye sublimation comes in handy. Using this strategy, you may make unique pillowcases that will give you a significant competitive advantage. You can buy pillow blanks from any wholesale supplier to sublimate your own photos on pillows.

What To Consider Before Buying the Best Sublimation Blanks?

  • Make doubly sure that the supplier’s warehouse is in the same area or near your living place.
  • A quick turnaround on shipping and delivery is essential when ordering sublimation blanks and materials.
  • The minimum quantity of blanks required to place an order is known as the MOQ (minimum order quantity). 
  • There are a variety of ways to pay for your favorite sublimation blanks. The transaction can be quick if you choose a safe payment method.
  • Verify the quality of your wholesale blanks by checking the supplier’s web reputation.
  • Most sublimation blanks wholesale may be found on popular online stores, making it easier to return items and get your money’s worth.
  • If a return is not possible because of an error on the part of the sublimation blanks supplier, there is usually a 15 percent restocking fee attached. So, take this into account while purchasing your best sublimation blank.

Where To Buy the Best Sublimation Blanks? (Sublimation Blanks Wholesale)

Heat Transfer Warehouse

Suppliers of heat transfer vinyl and sublimation-related best sublimation blanks can rely on HTW for their wholesale needs. Patches and license plates can be purchased from this sublimation source. A dropshipping store can also benefit from using Heat Transfer Warehouse, as it doesn’t necessitate keeping stock.


Sublimation blanks wholesale prices are easier to come by on Amazon because there are so many different providers competing for the same product. They also have some of the best names in the industry.


In their catalog, you will find several high-quality sublimation blanks. In addition, they have a wide variety of selections in their product gallery.

Heat Press Nation

Wholesale sublimation blanks from Heat Press Nation are among the best in the business. For example, they offer high-quality ceramic mugs, magnets, and pet tags.


You can get one-of-a-kind sublimation blanks that can be personalized by purchasing them directly from independent vendors. The majority of things that can be sublimated have reasonable prices on Etsy.


Wholesale sublimation goods from JDS Industries are excellent for your printing business. Pricing information can be provided upon request. JDS offers domestic and international shipping options that make it one of the best sublimation blanks suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do You Have the Ability To Produce Sublimation Blanks On Your Own?

Yes, you can. Coating hard substrates is a necessary step in making your planks for and use in the dye sublimation printing process. After being coated, the substrate is ready to receive dye sublimation ink when it is subjected to a heating procedure. A soft substrate does not need to have a coating applied to it, but it does need to meet certain criteria for it to take sublimation ink under a heat press.

2: Which Sublimation Blanks Are Most Popular?

The top five sublimation goods with the most sales

  • Mugs.
  • Phone Covers/Shells
  • The mousepads.
  • Coasters.
  • Photo-Blocks.

3: Is It Profitable To Run a Sublimation Business?

Yes. The sublimation industry is both gratifying and lucrative to work in. Dye sublimation is helping thousands of people and small businesses make money by allowing them to create fantastic personalized items for members of their own families, local community groups, internet marketplaces (like Etsy, eBay, and Facebook), and local clients who pay cash for these goods.

4: Is It Possible to Sublimate on Dark Shirts?

The procedure to sublimate on dark T-shirts is the same as the procedure to sublimate on cotton shirts of other colors. Sublimation can also be performed on white shirts. You do not sublimate the design directly into the shirt; rather, you use a sublimation vinyl, such as EasySubli, or glitter white heat transfer vinyl.


This concludes our look at some of the most creative ways to use sublimation printing. My advice is to there is no need to be an expert in Sublimation to start a successful business. Having the availability of the best sublimation blanks any idea for sublimation projects will be easily available to you immediately on the internet. A new sublimation business requires a careful balancing act between one’s skills and one’s passion. Plates, mugs, canvas, socks, and other items can be printed using sublimation on a variety of materials.

You can find your best sublimation blanks from the stores mentioned in this post. Be mindful of the primary sublimation business you are pursuing. I hope that this post would have given the best sublimation blank ideas for making your home and day special.

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